Facebook Censors Mention of Pelosi “Attacker” David Depape’s GodIsLoving.WordPress.com Website

As reported by The Gateway Pundit this week, there are glaring contradictions and serious questions about the secretive nature of the Paul Pelosi attack that took place in the early morning hours on October 28th.  The two Criminal Complaints available, one from the FBI and one from the San Francisco District Attorney, are wildly different from each other and leave more questions than answers.  Of course, these answers can be provided with just a few seconds of the footage from the Pelosi’s security cameras that were aimed right at the spot Depape allegedly broke into the 2nd in line to the Presidency’s private residence.  If a 42 year old unemployed hemp craftsman can break into Pelosi’s house that easy, what could a highly trained foreign agent accomplish?

The Gateway Pundit also wrote about discrepancies found regarding the websites allegedly published by Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker, David Depape.  Depape owned at least three websites: hempnecklacestore.com, frenlyfrens.com and godisloving.wordpress.com.

The former is still active but has now turned from a place to sell hemp goods to some sort of blog post that has nothing to do with hemp and has a blank page for the “About Us” section of the site.  The latter two websites are both taken down, but archived by the wayback machine here* and here* (**WARNING: proceed with caution on visiting these sites as they may be compromised).

Both of the websites that were taken down have posts that were originally published on or around August 23rd, 2022.  However, neither of them have posts that are accessible.  They can only be identified them by their titles and the “far right” categories of each blog section on the websites.  There is no actual content that can be read.

Now, in a strange form of censorship, Facebook is prohibiting users from sharing godisloving.wordpress.com.  This begs the question why on earth is Facebook censoring a website that is no longer published?  Ironically, FrenlyFrens.com does not draw the censorship warning from Facebook, but it does pop up a “suspicious website” warning from at least one anti-virus program, even though the landing page is just a generic message from Wix.com that the domain isn’t connected to a website.  The godisloving.wordpress.com draws no such warning from the software.

Why is Facebook censoring this site from their platform?



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