EVIL STRIKES BACK: 22 Times More Attacks On Pro-Lifers Than On Pro-Abortion Groups Since Dobbs Leak

Data compiled from the crime research center found that between the Dobbs leak and September 24th, 2022, there have been many attacks on pro-lifers than pro-abortion groups.

The founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center said that “a review of cases shows over 22 times more violence against pro-life advocates.”

Fox News reported:

There have been 22 times more attacks against pro-life groups since the leak in early May of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade compared to attacks on pro-choice organizations, new data show.

“The overwhelming narrative in the media is the claim those on the right are responsible for most of the politically motivated violence in the U.S. It has been a theme in the news media after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision was leaked, with many claiming that there was disproportionate violence against pro-choice providers. But a review of cases shows over 22 times more violence against pro-life advocates,” John Lott, the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), told Fox News Digital on Monday.

Following the unprecedented leak on May 2 detailing that the Supreme Court had a majority of justices ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, headlines warned that pro-choice supporters and organizations would likely face an increase in attacks. A report from the National Abortion Federation found there was an increase in attacks against pro-choice organizations and supporters in 2021, which experts projected would only get worse following the Roe leak and the eventual confirmation that the nation’s highest court effectively ended the recognition of abortion as a constitutional right.

Though the data show there were a handful of attacks from May 3 to Sept. 24 of this year against pro-choice groups and supporters, the number was dwarfed by attacks against pro-life centers.

The data shows there were 135 attacks on pro-life groups and 22 on pro-abortion groups.

Crime Research Center.org:

Political violence is central to so much of the political debate in the US. Since a draft Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson overturning Roe v. Wade leaked in early May 2022, pro-abortion violence has again become a focus of the abortion debate. As a result, crisis pregnancy centers, religious institutions, and other pro-life entities faced attacks in the form of vulgar graffiti, property damage, threats, theft, and even arson. This list covers pro-abortion attacks since the leak.

First, we identified 135 attacks on pro-life entities and people between when the leak occurred and September 24th, 2022. By contrast, only six cases involve pro-choice people attacked. We obtained the cases from news searches and various sources, but the pro-abortion organizations refused to respond to repeated requests for additional cases despite efforts over three weeks.

The bottom line is that after the Dobbs decision was leaked, there was over 22 times more violence directed against pro-life groups than pro-choice organizations. However, if the media is less likely to cover violence pro-life organizations, the 22 times estimate will underestimate the relative violence against these groups.

They listed each attack – Click here to read the examples.

What is the Biden administration doing to stop violence against pro-life groups?

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