Emerson Poll Released – President Trump Is Crushing Competition – Demographics Say It All

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A new Emerson poll was released on Tuesday (yesterday) showing President Trump way in the lead over other GOP Presidential hopefuls.  It also shows some very telling information on the Trump voters. 

(This report comes in large part from an excellent article at Conservative Treehouse.)

Emerson released a poll yesterday of the GOP candidates currently expected to run for President in 2024.   The title of the poll is as follows:

National Poll: Biden’s Approval Remains Underwater As Majority of GOP Voters Support Trump As Republican Nominee for 2024

Liberal and RINO heads must be popping.  No matter what they do they “just can’t kill the beast”.

The beast to the socialist/communist left and the RINOs is President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters.

The results show the following:

The results of the polling show that no one likes Joe Biden.  This is not surprising because no one ever did.  Biden has no base because he never had a base.  There are Democrat voters but they aren’t Biden voters.  They vote for Biden because he’s a Democrat and his policies are pushing more and more members of the now socialist/communist Democrat party away and to the middle right.

But the larger picture of these results is that President Trump is in commanding lead among all the candidates likely to run for office in 2024 (we just need to end the election fraud and it’s a done deal.)

Conservative Treehouse shares the following regarding this:

First, amid GOP voters Liz Cheney at 4% is beating Ted Cruz (3%), Nikki Haley (3%) and Larry Hogan (1%) for the 2024 GOP nomination.   How funny is that?

I mean it’s funny as hell when you look at it from the position of Nikki Haley and the detached billionaires that are going to have to fund her.  We’re just not into you Nikki. LOL.

Also, I mean, c’mon, ya gotta laugh.  Imagine being one of the former 2016 members of Team Ted Cruz and seeing the insufferable Liz Cheney beating him in current 2022 polling…  Seriously, ROFLMAO.  Yer’ killing me.  I mean could the Cruz Crew pick a winner or what?  Too funny.

Conservative Treehouse goes on to discuss the demographics in the results and shares the following about the expected race between President Trump and Governor DeSantis:

So, President Trump wins every demographic, but to see what groups leans more favorably toward Ron DeSantis it looks like this:

DeSantis Voters – Older, over educated, wealthy, Wall-Street, non-working, investment class, predominately white, left-leaning republicans with delicate sensibilities.   The more of each of these attributes the person carries, the more likely they are to support DeSantis.

Trump Voters – Younger and middle-aged, multi-racial, working-class, hardcore, Main Street, paycheck earners.  ie. the middle-class.  The more of each of these attributes the person carries, the more likely they are to support President Trump.

It doesn’t get much more easily defined.

Trump is defined by Main Street.  DeSantis is defined by Wall Street.

That demographic data shows the pattern analysis of exactly what is going on.

It doesn’t matter how many candidates line up in the non-MAGA political lane; they are all coming from the same cocktail class circuit.

Here comes the kicker…. As more people find out about the management operation of Ron DeSantis, that has been happening in the background, the more DeSantis will bleed support back toward MAGA.

Think of this in realistic terms.  Team MAGA is running on authenticity and honesty.  Team DeSantis has to run on duplicity and continual defense to keep people from finding out about the inauthentic and dishonest nature of the operation.

Ask yourself, which team would you rather be on?

Within that answer you discover why this campaign is going to be so much fun.

We have nothing to hide. They have everything to hide.

We can admit every downside because the ultimate goal is pure.  They must deny every downside because the ultimate goal is duplicity.

We have nothing to lose that we haven’t already lost. They have everything to lose in their effort to retain power.

Truth is a powerful weapon, and no one uses that weapon better than Donald J Trump.

Excellent analysis Sundance.  

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