Elon Musk Wears Costume With Baphomet And Inverted Cross for Halloween

Elon Musk has been receiving a lot of praise lately for liberating Twitter but he has some major explaining to do.

Before attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween party, Musk took to Twitter to show off his Halloween costume.

His costume quickly garnered many users’ attention due to the fact he wore red leather body armor that was decorated with a giant Baphomet that had an inverted cross on its forehead.


Users on Twitter quickly pointed out that Elon’s costume was “demonic” and reflected “anti-Christ imagery”.

The outfit itself doesn’t originate from any tv show or video game.

Per the Daily Mail, “Musk’s outfit is the Devil’s Champion-Leather Armor set that retails for $7,500”.

Musk’s take on free speech should be celebrated but as of right now it’s quite fair to question why the world’s richest man, who is also a major U.S. Defense contractor (SpaceX) and is the owner of Neural Link a company attempting to hook the human brain up to computers is wearing the Baphomet coupled with inverted crosses as if its a badge of honor.


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