Couple in Their 60s Brutally Beaten at Elton John Concert at Dodger Stadium – One Person Arrested (VIDEO)

Los Angeles, CA – A couple in their 60s were brutally beaten at an Elton John concert at Dodgers Stadium last Thursday.

The daughter of the victims told Fox 11 that her parents were excited to have a “date night” out at the Elton John concert – but the night ended in violence.

“They were so excited to go have a random little date night, so they went to the Elton John concert,” the daughter, Nicole told Fox 11. “They had a really nice night and they wanted to beat the crowd so they left 10-15 minutes before the concert ended.”

Nicole said her father got out of his car to investigate when he heard a loud thud.

“He looked and he was thinking his mirror was hanging off, and he looked at the people and said, ‘Who hit my mirror,’ and this group of about six people turned around,” Nicole said., “A female was like ‘I did,’ and she was intoxicated and witnesses claim that she swung [at] my dad first and he went to block. The last thing he remembers is these three or four guys just started hitting him all at the same time.”

Nicole said her mother got out of the car to help her dad, but she was also beaten and knocked out cold.

Even worse, virtually NO ONE helped the elder couple!

One bystander, who happened to record the beating, helped the male victim but he was eventually chased down by the attackers and punched.

The attackers also broke his phone.

One person has been arrested but they were not one of the suspects who attacked the couple.

Fox 11 Los Angeles reported:

Police have arrested one person in connection with the brutal beating of a Los Angeles couple in their 60s by a group of people following an Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium.

The couple’s daughter, Nicole, spoke with FOX 11 about the incident.

Nicole said her mom was in the car, but got out to help once she realized what was happening.

“Her instinct was to get out and help him, and as my mom’s trying to pull men off of him, she was grabbed by the back of the head by a female in that group. Before she knew it, the gentleman in the black shirt, black backwards hat (as seen in the video), basically football tackles my mom and my mom just remembers flying and that’s it,” Nicole said. “Witnesses said that my mom hit her head so hard on the concrete that they heard her skull hit and everyone was certain she had cracked her head. My mom blacked out and when she came to, she was looking around and no one was helping them and she looked and my dad was lifeless on the floor, blacked out as well.”

Nicole said one man helped her parents and that man also recorded the video, but had a run in with the attackers.

“The attackers witnessed him recording and went after him as well, so they broke his phone, and punched him is what I’m told,” said Nicole.

Nicole said her parents were not receiving help quickly enough, so her mom ended up driving them both to the hospital, and that’s where they made a police report with the LAPD. She said her parents suffered brain injuries and broken bones. Her mother was released from the hospital that night, but her father remained hospitalized until Saturday.


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