CNN Panel Shocked! Exit Polls Spell Trouble For Democrats: 7 in 10 Voters Unhappy with State of Nation and Largely Negative on Biden (VIDEO)

The exit polls spell trouble for Democrats on Election Day.

7 in 10 voters are unhappy with the state of the nation and largely negative on Joe Biden, according to CNN exit polls.

The key issues driving voters to the polls: Inflation and crime!

A whopping 75% of voters rated the condition of the nation’s economy “not so good” or “poor” – this means the Democrats are in trouble.

Voters want a change after the Democrats have been in total power for nearly 2 years.

CNN reported:

Voters unhappy with the state of the nation and largely negative on Biden

Voters in this year’s midterm elections are broadly unhappy with the state of the nation and hold largely negative views of President Joe Biden, according to the preliminary national results of the exit poll conducted for CNN and other news networks by Edison Research.

More than 7 in 10 said they were less than satisfied with the way things are going in the country, with about one-third saying they were not just dissatisfied but angry with the state of the nation.

Biden’s approval rating stands at about 45% among voters in this year’s election – nearly identical to then-Donald Trump’s 45% approval rating four years ago among 2018 midterm voters. And voters in this election were more than twice as likely to strongly disapprove of Biden as they were to strongly approve of him.

Just shy of half of voters this year said that Biden’s policies are mostly hurting the country, with about 36% saying his policies are mostly helping, and the rest that they’re making no difference.

Many voters didn’t see their congressional vote as a referendum on the president – close to half said that Biden was not a factor in their vote, while about 18% said their vote was to express support for Biden, and about one-third that it was to express opposition to him.

The CNN panel expressed shock that “democracy” wasn’t a concern for voters in this year’s midterm elections.

The look on Dana Bash’s face says it all.


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