China Is Building The World’s Largest Quarantine Camp In Guangzhou with 90,000 Isolation Pods — This Is The World Economic Forum’s ‘Role Model’ For The Global Community

The Chinese city of Guangzhou is building makeshift hospitals and concentration camps to house 250,000 people amid an alleged uptick in Covid-19 cases across the country.

Footage posted on social media showcases the new makeshift quarantine camp constructed in Guangzhou, the largest camp in China, that will be used to detain Covid-positive Chinese citizens in 90, 000 “isolation pods.”


Guangzhou, a city of 13 million people, reported 9,680 new Covid cases in the past 24 hours.

The spike of Covid positive patients in Guangzhou comprises “about 40 percent of the 23,276 cases reported nationwide. China’s infection numbers are low compared with the United States and other major countries, but the ruling Communist Party is trying to isolate every case,” the Associated Press reports.

The city government announced last week plans to double down on the nation’s “zero-covid” policy by rapidly constructing more quarantine camps with thousands of beds.

“The epidemic situation in Guangzhou still is very serious,” said a city official, Wang Baosen, according to the South Metropolis Daily newspaper.

Guangzhou is reportedly adding 246,407 beds, including 132,015 in hospital isolation wards and 114,392 for people who are infected but have no symptoms.

The alleged spike in Covid infections across China has prompted the government to confine and even lock families in cramped apartments to prevent a single case of Covid in the workplace or neighborhood.

In another video posted on Twitter, a white-garbed health worker is seen wielding bars over apartment building doors during the lockdown to prevent residents from leaving their homes and barring access to food, basic necessities or critical medical care.

Chinese dissidents have taken to the streets and are speaking out against the communist government.

In Wuhan, protesters are chanting, “The epidemic started in Wuhan and it will end in Wuhan.”

While the Chinese Communist Party has withheld true death and case statistics, Chinese government officials have admitted to more deaths as a result of “zero-Covid” in the past six months than they have as a result of coronavirus infection.

As Breitbart News reports:

Chinese officials have confirmed the deaths of at least two people denied medical care over lockdowns in November – a three-year-old boy in northwestern Lanzhou and a 55-year-old woman in Inner Mongolia – and 27 people who died on a bus headed to a coronavirus quarantine camp that was inexplicably driving around mountainous cliffs in the dead of night. Dozens of other deaths – including individuals starving, lacking basic necessary medical products, or committing suicide – have been denounced, and later censored, on Chinese social media, though the government has not admitted to these.

The government denied that lockdown protocol caused the death of a four-month-old girl in Zhengzhou who was refused medical treatment, allegedly because she did not test positive for coronavirus and thus not treated as an emergency case, but claimed she died as a result of “a weak sense of responsibility” on the part of health workers.

The Global Times reported that the last documented coronavirus death in China allegedly occurred on May 26 in Shanghai, amid a brutal lockdown that is believed to have triggered multiple suicides.

While thousands of Chinese citizens are detained in concentration camps after testing Covid positive, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted PCR tests used to diagnose Covid are unreliable and unable to distinguish Covid from the flu.

At the onset of the pandemic in the US, frontline doctors in the United States established medications, including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, that effectively treat Covid, a manmade virus that initially only posed lethal harm to the elderly and those infected with pre-conditions. Banning life-saving medications paved the way for the government to mandate dangerous Covid vaccines, which are ineffective at preventing the transmission of Covid, and institute lockdowns.

The World Economic Forum heralds Communist China as a “role model” for many countries as the global community endeavors upon a “systemic transformation of the world.”

Last week, WEF chairman and founder Klaus Schwab touted China’s zero Covid policy and praised Beijing for being a leading figure in the WEF’s vision of a Great Reset of capitalism.

“I respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years, I think it’s a role model for many countries,” the Davos chief said, adding that while he believes countries should be able to choose the system they prefer to live under, the “Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”

“I look very much forward to having a strong Chinese voice in Davos to explain even better to the world what it means to see the party Congress which laid down the principles of the policy [and] what it really means for global collaboration and for global development,” Schwab added.

Schwab’s remarks follow his attendance at the G20 Summit meeting in Indonesia on Nov. 15, where Chinese President Xi Jinping convened with Western leaders after a hiatus following the Covid outbreak in Wuhan.

During the meeting, G20 leaders agreed to develop the health security state at an international level and adopt a globally recognized digital health passport, universal digital Covid-19 certificates, to track, monitor and restrict people’s freedom of movement during the “next pandemic.”

BREAKING: G20 Leaders Issue Joint Declaration Promoting Global Health Passport to ‘Facilitate International Travel’

When the G20 Summit concluded, its formal communique included a strongly worded declaration on digital health passports which is published on the White House website.

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