A Changing of the Guard: Both McCarthy and McConnell are *WILDLY* Unpopular for Leadership Roles in TruthSocial Poll of 13,000

Last week, I published a poll  on Truth Social citing a future article I’d be writing for The Gateway Pundit.  My goal was to understand the general feeling of conservatives regarding the leadership roles of Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell in the House and Senate, respectively.   Specifically, I wanted to know if there was support for these two resuming majority leadership roles.

Now, at that time, control of the Senate had not been established and we still had hope that Masters, Laxalt, and perhaps Walker would be successful in their bids.  But since November 11th, the counting continued and more and more mysterious vote dumps appeared favoring their democrat opponents and the People of the United States apparently polled 70% that we’re heading in the wrong direction but seemingly voted to continue in that direction.

The Gateway Pundit published Rep. Andy Biggs’ announcement that he would seek the leadership in the House.  In that same article, The Gateway Pundit outlines 9 reasons why McCarthy should not be elected to the spot.  The poll below is now #10.

Out of almost 13,000 people polled on TruthSocial, only 1% want both McCarthy and McConnell back in leadership roles.  And only 2% more want McCarthy as the Speaker, but no leadership for McConnell.

I know, this isn’t an “official poll”, but how accurate are “official polls”?  How much faith can we put in “official polls” after they claimed this would be a “Red Wave” and a “Red Tsunami”?  Or that President Trump would lose Wisconsin by 17% when in reality, it was closer to 0.17%?  Anything more than 10% and conservative voters may stay home, thus impacting down ballot conservative wins as well.  Polling is a supposed to be a science, but much like the “COVID science”, poll “science” has proven to be wildly inaccurate.

Some experts suggest that polls have been less than accurate with the growing unpopularity of LAN line telephones and the ability to sample people at their homes.  A sample of 13,000 people on TruthSocial, most of whom are conservative, is revealing.  The size of the sample is far beyond anything you’d see in a telephone poll.

And only getting approximately 3% approval for a leadership position should tell the People all they need to know:  it’s time for new leadership in the Republican party.

You can see the poll results for yourself here.



Earlier in the week, much smaller sample polls were also taken, echoing much of the same.  One of those polls, however, asked who they’d like to see besides McCarthy.  Jim Jordan won of the candidates listed, however, the most common “Other” response?  Donald J. Trump.


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