Breaking Reports: Russian Missiles Hit Poland Border Town With Ukraine; Two Killed

Two Russian missiles hit the Polish town of Przewodów located near the border with Ukraine on Tuesday, killing two Poles according to reports. Poland is a NATO ally and a staunch supporter of Ukraine as its neighbor defends itself from Russia’s invasion.

The AP reports a U.S. official said the missiles were Russian, “WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A senior U.S. intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.”

Will this escalate? “Poland decides”, reports Newsy’s Sasha Ingber, “Confirming AP reporting that Russian missiles crossed into Poland, killing two people. A Polish official tells me, “Poland decides.””

As always, the first reports in war can be wrong. The missiles could have been Ukrainian air defense missiles gone astray. Or even a provocation to expand the war rather than engage in peace negotiations.

Initial local reports, “Unofficial: two stray rockets fell in the town of Przewodów in the Lublin province near the border with Ukraine. They hit grain dryers. Two people were killed. The police, prosecutor’s office and the army are on the spot.”

“I live nearby. I was walking my dog at the time of the explosion and I saw a cloud of smoke and carts on the signal. It was a long time since I got scared because this event literally coincided with the bombing of Ukraine. Apparently, the tractor exploded, but two explosions were clearly audible.”

The Polish government has not officially confirmed the missile strike, but officials are holding an emergency meeting. The reported missile hit comes as Russia has unleashed its largest missile attack on Ukraine (AP excerpt):

Russia pounded Ukraine’s energy facilities Tuesday with its biggest barrage of missiles yet, striking targets across the country and causing widespread blackouts, and a U.S. official said missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, where two people were killed.

A defiant Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy shook his fist and declared: “We will survive everything.”

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller did not immediately confirm the information from a senior U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation. But Mueller said top leaders were holding an emergency meeting due to a “crisis situation.”

Polish media reported that two people died Tuesday afternoon after a projectile struck an area where grain was drying in Przewodów, a Polish village near the border with Ukraine.

Video shows crater:

Analysis by Tom Rogan, “42 miles is a long way off course for the accurate form of Russian missiles which are being employed against Lviv. This area is approximately 100 miles from the nearest Russian launch areas in Belarus and more than 500 miles from Crimea.”

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