Breaking: Maricopa County Begins Processing Election Day Drop-off Ballots… Still Slow-Walking Ballots – Like a Banana Republic

Maricopa County Elections Department announced today that they are “processing all of the ballots that were dropped off on Election Day.”

Arizona (69.72% reporting) is one of four states that are significantly behind in reporting their gubernatorial results.  The other three are Alaska (80%), Nevada (83%) and Oregon (72%), according to Fox News elections reporting.

Notably, in Nevada, gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo (R) is leading by almost 4% over incumbent Steve Sisolak and in Oregon, gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan is trailing by less than 3%.

The official tweet includes a link to watch a “live-stream” of the vote-counting process and other procedures in an attempt at transparency.  However, the camera feed consistently goes dark after just several seconds of viewing.

The responses to this “update” include concerns about the significant delays in counting, similar to the 2020 election, and calls for a declaration of the total remaining number of ballots in the name of transparency and security.

In another bizarre timeline, Maricopa picked the ballots to be “audited”.  Much like 2020, they chose the ballots to audit before they were done counting?

Election Day ballots are just now being processed, as of 42 minutes ago, but ballots to audit were selected on November 9th.

If you remember this testimony from 2020, not only did this observer claim that Dominion ran the processes, including the selection of the boxes, but she stated that the audit boxes were chosen before they were done counting.

In the testimony she says:

“I also participated in the random ballot selection for hand audit, picking the ballots…determining which bin we were going to select.  And even that, Dominion had ran the reports for…They knew exactly what was in the hand audit boxes….And they also knew when we pulled the last box, which was probably 8 days before they quit counting ballots.

(This portion of the testimony begins at the 1:06 mark)

How can you conduct an audit when you haven’t finished tabulating the vote?

Why is a state like Florida with 21.5 million people done on election night before midnight, but Arizona, with 7 million people is just now getting to Election Day drop off ballots?

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