BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Two Additional Websites Registered Under “David DePape” Are Located – Neither Shows Evidence of Being Pro-Trump

Two new websites connected to David DePape have been identified.  Neither site provides information that DePape is a Trump supporter.  

There are many unanswered questions related to the man found in the Pelosi home with Paul Pelosi early Friday morning.  This list keeps growing.  One area of concern is related to the websites allegedly tied to DePape, a man who lived in a bus parked in Berkley for the past couple of years.

FOX News reported on the websites reportedly connected to DePape on Friday.

Facebook disabled DePape’s profile early Friday and declined to answer questions. At least two online blogs under DePape’s name are stocked with posts from the years of 2007 and 2022 speaking of “censorship,” “Big Brother,” and pedophiles. One contained calls for violence and antisemitic content. It was not immediately clear that he was responsible for the posts, and San Francisco police did not immediately respond to questions about DePape’s online presence.

TGP reported on Saturday that the websites cited by the mainstream media that were supposedly aligned with DePape were scraped on Friday, and they were no longer active Saturday per a review of these sites on the Wayback machine.

The site was shut down on Saturday as reported on the Wayback Machine.  The other site, is no longer active as well.  It too was shut down on Saturday.  The only activity reported on the Wayback Machine on this site was on Friday and Saturday as well.

Second SFPD Press Conference Offers More Details on Paul Pelosi Attack: Paul Pelosi Called 911, Assailant Is Still in Hospital, DePape Entered Rear Door

We have located two more websites connected to a “David DePape”.

The other sites linked to David DePape are noted in the query below:

The was created in 2007 under David DePape’s name.  It is still available and has a home page but the other website pages have not been updated.  It looks like a driveway service. It’s unknown if this is associated with the same David DePape from the San Francisco area.

Below are some details on the site which appears to have been created in 2014.

The site shows created in 2017 out of Scottsdale, Arizona but it is not active and was last seen in 2017.  It’s unknown if this is associated with the same David Depape from the San Francisco area as well.

These sites obviously show no conservative-leaning articles.

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