Biden’s Delusional Comms Director Tells CNN Viewers: “What We’re Seeing is Enormous Popularity for the Biden Agenda” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s delusional communications director told CNN viewers the Democrats are going to do well in Tuesday’s midterms because Biden is popular.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto pointed out that historically a first midterm election for a US president is usually a wipeout.

Biden’s Comms Director Kate Bedingfield said while historically the House flips in a president’s first term, Biden’s agenda is enormously popular.

“Look, across the board what we’re seeing is enormous popularity for the Biden agenda,” Kate Bedingfield said.

81% of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the state of the economy according to the new left-leaning NBC poll.

This is the “second-highest number ever recorded,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said on Sunday.

Joe Biden’s approval rating with Independents is at an all time low at just 28%.

But Biden’s agenda is wildly popular according to Kate Bedingfield.


Joe Biden last week told reporters, “We’re gonna win this time.”

“We’re going to win this time around, I think. I feel really good about our chances,” Biden said.

“I haven’t been in all the House races, but I think we’re going to keep the Senate and pick up a seat. I think we have a chance to win in the House.”

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