Why Won’t Democrats Debate “America First” Republicans like Kari Lake? PA Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano Reveals Josh Shapiro Also Refuses to Debate

Last week on an episode of TimCast IRL, Tim Pool sat down with Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, retired Army Colonel and Pennsylvania senator Doug Mastriano.  Mastriano claimed that his opponent refuses to debate him.  His opponent, of course, is Josh Shapiro, the current AG of Pennsylvania who fought to block an investigation into election fraud and claimed before the 2020 election “if all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.”

During the podcast in which Pool revealed Mastriano was “sitting down with us with no idea what we were going to talk about,” it is brought up that Timcast has had Kari Lake on as well in the same format.  Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, also refuses to debate her.  Mastriano states:

“[democrats are] not debating in Arizona (referring to Hobbs v Lake)…not debating in Maryland, right here, Dan Cox…he’s a good friend.  He’s going to be a great governor here and his opponents not debating him either.”

I’d notably add that MI Attorney General Dana Nessel refuses to debate Trump endorsed Matthew DePerno in a crucial race in the swing state as Nessel is getting booed at events in districts that were allegedly won handedly by Biden in 2020.

Pool accurately states the reason they won’t debate is because “honestly, the truth will hurt their campaigns.  They need to keep people in a tight space where there is a controlled narrative”.

In Pennsylvania, the only statewide race that will see a debate is John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate.  That debate will take place Tuesday evening, but is considered partially irrelevant because voting has already been going on for weeks in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman has been under a lot of scrutiny lately for his apparent inability to function properly after his unfortunate stroke.  Even MSNBC called out the candidate, who had to have a closed caption system for his interview:

“[Fetterman] has a hard time understanding what he’s hearing…he still has some problems, some challenges with speech…Just in some of the small talk prior to the interview, before the closed-captioning was up and running, it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversations.”

While it is inhumane to attack someone personally over a medical episode such as a stroke, it must be acknowledged that he is physically and mentally incapable of being a direct representative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.  That is not a disparaging attack on his tragic circumstance but rather an accurate, honest and necessary observation of his inadequacies to perform such a duty.

In Arizona, Katie Hobbs was pressed by CNN’s Dana Bash as to why she won’t debate Kari Lake.  Bash mentions a left-leaning Arizona publication that says if Hobbs loses, it will be because she ran from Lake:


Hobbs responded with a seemingly pre-fabricated statement saying:

“Look, Kari Lake has made it clear time and time again that she is not interested in having substantive in-depth conversations about the issues that matter to Arizonans.  She only wants a scenario where she can control the dialogue.  And she’s refused to sit down in a one on one lengthy conversation to really clarify with Arizonans where she is on the issues.  She is the one who is afraid of talking to voters where she is at.

Despite the fact that a debate is not “lengthy”, “one on one” nor “in-depth” as candidates typically have just a couple minutes to respond, it is also incredibly ironic and pure disinformation (don’t expect CNN to fact check her though).  And it should also be quite embarrassing for Katie Hobbs as Kari Lake launched an “Ask Me Anything” tour after Hobbs refused to debate her.  This gave Lake the opportunity to take questions from audience members, since her opponent refuses to do so.  Everything Hobbs said in the above statement is factually inaccurate and a closer representation of her own campaign.

Lake also tried to have a “substantive in-depth conversation about the issues” at a townhall two weeks ago.  Instead, Hobbs was terrified to see Lake sitting in the audience and then the twice convicted racist proceeded to stutter “um” or “uh” 35 times and pander by saying she’s learned “español…un pequito”.  The host calls her out for it:

Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs did an interview with PBS Arizona, in place of the debate, at the ASU Cronkite building, which was put on lockdown because “we do not know what the onsite circumstances may be around the Cronkite building after 3 p.m.”  On the contrary, I attended a panel discussion featuring Kari Lake back in August in Phoenix and didn’t even have to walk through a metal detector, none the less a locked down campus.  What is Hobbs afraid of on the ASU campus?

This trend is disturbing as debates have been a highlight of the election season since the first televised presidential debate in 1960 between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon.  It is the best and most true indicator to the People as to where their candidates stand on a particular topic.

But this year, something unprecedented is occurring as statewide and federal candidates are refusing to debate “America First” candidates in wide spread numbers.  One can only assume that this refusal to debate is because they clearly do not have anything of substance to run on.  Poll numbers show their positions are wildly unpopular, whether its election integrity, the economy, critical race theory or sexual indoctrination in schools, the incessant funding of the Ukraine war while Americans struggle with record breaking gas prices, or a slew of other topics that Democrats are out of touch with in relation to their constituency.

The Mockingbird Media, however, is already setting the narrative for a red-wave crushing democrat surge in the 2022 midterms.




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