Whistleblower Who Sounded Alarm On Migrant Crisis in El Paso Faces Backlash From Local Democrats

El Paso, Texas Councilwoman Claudia Rodriguez exposed the shocking lengths her colleagues will go to protect Joe Biden and the Democrat Party at the expense and safety of the citizens they have pledged to protect.  Her reward for caring more about the people suffering in her community from a constant stream of illegals flowing across Biden’s broken border is an outright attack by the El Paso County Democratic Party.  EPDP seems to care more about providing cover for Biden in the lead up to the election than protecting their community.

In September alone, El Paso was flooded with over 2,000 people a day which quickly overwhelmed the city’s shelters and services and put El Paso residents at risk.

According to the New York Post:

The White House pressured the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas, to not declare a state of emergency over the city’s migrant crisis due to fear it would make President Biden look bad, The Post has learned. At least three of the El Paso City Council’s eight members have urged Mayor Oscar Leeser to issue an emergency declaration in response to the thousands of migrants who’ve filled the city’s shelters and are being housed in local hotels, sources familiar with the matter said.

But Leeser admitted during a private phone conversation last month that he’d been directed otherwise by the Biden administration, one of the officials told The Post.

“He told me the White House asked him not to,” Council-member Claudia Rodriguez said.

Though councilors reached out to El Paso’s Democrat Mayor Oscar Lesser  to ask for federal help, he refused. The city was forced to spend over $8m mitigating the crisis.

Councilwoman Rodriguez exposed the scandal by revealing her private conversations with Lesser where he admitted he’d been following orders from the top.

Furious at being exposed for protecting political power over people, EPDP made an unprecedented move in a nonpartisan local election by urging voters not to vote for Rodriguez .

EPDP’s website describes the group as,”the arm of the Texas Democratic Party in El Paso County, serving the cities of El Paso, Horizon City, San Elizario, Socorro, and the towns of Anthony and Clint. Nearly half a million voters reside within the county, the majority of whom are registered Democrats. We boast change-makers like Beto O’Rourke, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, and State Senator César Blanco.”

The El Paso County Democratic Party said in a release:

October 22, 2022

The El Paso County Democratic Party has traditionally refrained from weighing in on municipal races, which are non-partisan. We honor the nature of non-partisan races and focus our work on engagement with voters during partisan elections. However, in egregious cases, especially in cases when a candidate works against our community’s values, we have taken the extraordinary step of alerting the public.

As early voting approaches, we are compelled to warn the public about the current candidate for re-election (incumbent) Claudia Rodriguez, candidate for District 6.

Ms. Rodriguez has violated campaign finance in a shameless manner (https://elpasomatters.org/2022/10/17/el-paso-city-rep-claudia-rodriguez-election-campaign-filings-may-violate-finance-laws/). When asked by a reporter about her violations, Rodriguez’s responses indicate that she is either completely ignorant of her responsibilities as an office holder, or she believes the law does not apply to her.

Additionally, Democrats in District 6 should be aware that Ms. Rodriguez has a history of voting in Republican Primaries. She currently represents and is running for a district that consistently votes for and elects Democratic candidates.

Ms. Rodriguez has brought her party’s partisanship to her position, as has been evident in her votes while on City Council.

She has advocated against providing humanitarian support for migrants in our community and has become a Fox News regular. Her multiple appearances on the Republican cable news network have focused on her personal grievances with the mayor. In doing so, she has brought a very negative spotlight to our community on a network that pushes xenophobia, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. El Paso is a community that has historically had a positive history of embracing our location on the US-Mexico and treating migrants with dignity.

Ms. Rodriguez also voted against supporting a Women’s Commission for El Paso and voted against directing the El Paso Police department to make investigating abortions a low level priority for the department. This measure would have prevented the El Paso Police Department from using its resources to target women who might have had an abortion.

While the Democratic Party is not endorsing in this race, it is imperative that the public be aware of Ms. Rodriguez’s lack of transparency, campaign finance violations, and the fact that her values are contrary to those held by the majority in her district. We urge District 6 voters to vote for either of her two opponents and deny Ms. Rodriguez the privilege of being re-elected to city council.

In response to the attack, Rodriguez suggests to  the Post,  that the attacks on her are politically motivated. “I don’t get it,” she told The Post Wednesday. “I stood up for the people of El Paso when the mayor didn’t. I was saying, ‘El Pasoans don’t want to be spending their money on this. They’re already overtaxed.’”

Rodriguez joined Fox News to discuss the crisis in her city.

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