WATCH LIVE: 6 PM MST – Arizona’s US Senate Debate Between Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters And Biden Backing Mark Kelly

Trump-Endorsed US Senate Nominee Blake Masters will Square off against Mark Kelly in the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Debate, moderated by Arizona PBS.

The Arizona Republican Party is hosting a watch party for this debate at 5 pm at The Preserve Tavern & Grill in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit, Mark Kelly almost refused to participate after complaining about the debate format and citing the Republican Gubernatorial Primary Debate as an example. However, Kelly is running for US Senate and will not face anybody from the Republican Gubernatorial Primary.

Blake Masters RSVPd to this debate instantly, but it took Mark Kelly weeks to finally respond on the day of his deadline.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kelly finally agreed to debate Blake Masters, but Democrat Katie Hobbs still refuses to debate Kari Lake for Governor.

AZ Republican Blake Masters: “Mark Kelly Is Enabling This Kind of Creeping, Bureaucratic, Totalitarianism That Joe Biden is Delivering” (VIDEO)

Mark Kelly will finally have to defend his indefensible record tonight on the debate stage. He will probably go on a tirade about abortion with the help of the moderators instead of talking about his bad policy.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Democrats are running on the single issue of abortion and using demonic messaging complete with Ouija Boards, to attack Blake Masters.

Satanic Temple Will Argue Abortion Is Religious Ritual in Legal Challenges

Mark Kelly’s record includes voting against Title-42, a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border in order to protect public health. Further, he has voted against the wall and border security numerous times.

Blake Masters recently slammed Mark Kelly’s awful border security votes, saying, “Mark Kelly should be forced to attend the funerals of each of those dead children” who have been murdered by the fentanyl that is pouring through our border.

VIDEO: Trump-Endorsed Senate Nominee Blake Masters SLAMS Biden And Mark Kelly’s Open Border-Fentanyl Crisis During Arizona Rally: “Mark Kelly Should Be Forced To Attend The Funerals Of Each Of Those Dead Children”

Mark Kelly claims to be a moderate, but in reality, he has voted with the fraudulent and oppressive Biden Regime nearly 100% of his time in office.

Mark Kelly also voted for the massive $740 billion Bidenflation bill — despite already record inflation — allocating $369 million for ‘green energy’ and hiring 87,000 armed and fit IRS agents “willing to use deadly force” against law-abiding Americans.

This is not what Arizona needs. As gas reaches $5/gallon across the state, Arizonans are suffering under this inflation.

According to ABC Arizona,

 According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale have the highest inflation rate, at 13%, in the country.

This is all on Democrats like Mark kelly.

However, the moderators will likely cover for Mark Kelly and gang up on Blake Masters just like they did to Abe Hamadeh in the Arizona Attorney General debate.

Watch Blake Masters debate Mark Kelly (D), Marc Victor (I), and the “moderators” below at 6 pm MST.

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