Trump PAC Supports Midterm Candidates With Ad Buys In Key States

Donald Trump is stepping up to support MAGA Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

According to FEC filings, Trump’s Save America PAC gave $20 million to MAGA-Inc, which supports Trump’s candidates.

The money is going to ad buys in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

MAGA-Inc has already raised over $32 million despite filing its article of organization just one month ago.

The Epoch Times reported:

Former President Donald Trump’s super PAC donated $20 million this month to another PAC responsible for supporting Trump’s endorsed candidates.

Trump’s PAC, Save America, donated $20 million to Make America Great Again Inc. (MAGA-Inc), according to FEC filings released Oct. 27 (pdf).

Trump founded Save America shortly after he lost the 2020 election in order to help the GOP retake the House and Senate during the 2022 midterm elections cycle. It has been wildly successful at raising money, currently boasting more than $105 million in its coffers, but has come under investigation for allegedly misleading donors.

Though MAGA-Inc filed its articles of organization just one month ago, the organization has raised more than $32 million, receiving an additional $8.9 million from another Trump-allied PAC and $1.5 million from donor Timothy Mellon.

While Trump supports MAGA candidates, Mitch McConnell is supporting RINOs who have endorsed Democrats.

McConnell was censured by the Alaska GOP over his support for RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The Hill reported:

The Alaska Republican Party on Monday voted to censure Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for what they called spreading “divisive and misleading statements” about their endorsed candidate in Alaska’s Senate race.

The state party added that McConnell’s financial support for incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) in the Senate race against fellow Republican Kelly Tshibaka was “in direct contradiction” to the party, according to a copy of the resolution posted Monday night on Facebook.

“Much of the financial support from the Senate Leadership Fund has been used for malicious political attack ads targeted at our endorsed candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, that are gross distortions of fact,” the resolution reads. “We request the Senate Leadership Fund immediately stop the attack ads against Kelly Tshibaka and discontinue the support of all other opposing candidates.”

Trump is keeping his promises!

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