Trump-Endorsed WI Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Michels Promises to Battle Crime Wave and Focus on Tax Reform — Only Debate with Left-Wing Tony Evers is Tonight

Tim Michels promises tax reforms while receiving endorsement from Wisconsin Tavern League.

The Trump-endorsed Republican Tim Michels is in a tight race against incumbent woke-Democrat Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

Michels has campaigned on lowering taxes and this week suggested one way to do this would be to flatten the state’s progressive income tax structure.

Michel’s made the following comments at a campaign event in Baraboo, Wisconsin:

“Inflation is running out of control” and vowed to implement “massive tax reform” by lowering the income tax and eliminating the personal property tax on businesses.

“I’m going to sit down with all the smart tax people. We’re going to figure out how low we can get the income tax,” Michels said when asked if he’d support a flat income tax. “Right now it looks like we can get it to somewhere around 5%.”

Michels is a businessman and owns the largest construction company in the state. He received President Trump’s endorsement during the primary and clobbered the establishment darling Rebecca Kleefisch.

Another contentious point in the campaign has been Tony Evers’s more than soft position on reducing crime.  Evers has even gone as far as releasing more than 800 violent murderers and child sex offenders during his term in office.

SHOCK REPORT: Hundreds of Convicted Murderers and Child Rapists Given Early Parole by Wisconsin Democrat Governor Evers

Michels says we shouldn’t be rewarding cities like Milwaukee with more taxpayer funds when they have already proven themselves unable or unwilling to properly deal with the issue.

Michels has repeatedly blamed Evers for “coddling criminals.” He told McKenna he would consider not providing budget resources to cities that can’t control crime.

“Would you actually say something to the effect of if you can’t control your crime, we’re not going to continue to provide the budget resources that you rely on, or at least give cause of action to the surrounding communities to make claims against those cities?” McKenna asked.

“Vicki, I’ll work with the Legislature and we’ll consider everything that we can to get crime down,” he responded, blaming Evers for “coddling criminals” and President Joe Biden.

A spokesperson for Evers’ campaign slammed Michels over his comments on McKenna’s show, saying he “would take funds away from the communities that need it most.”

“Governor Evers has taken action to give communities the tools they need to combat violent crime, including directing $100 million to law enforcement and public safety,” spokeswoman Kayla Anderson said in a statement. “Unlike Tim Michels, Gov. Evers supports funding for local public safety investments, including violence prevention, after-school programs in high crime areas, affordable housing, and more.”

Michels said he wouldn’t necessarily oppose a local Milwaukee sales tax to make up for the lost welfare, which would offset the unfair burden placed on the rest state and cause Milwaukee to be more responsible.

Michels will face Governor Evers in their one and only debate tonight.


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