Transgender Murderer Who Raped, Tortured, and Killed 13-Year-Old Girl Released From New York Prison

A biological male child rapist and murderer who identifies as a transgender woman has been released from prison in New York.

Synthia China Blast, born Luis Morales, and his boyfriend Carlos Franco, kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered 13-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams in 1993.

The two men were both members of the “Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation” gang.

Williams had a history of running away from home. On the fateful day she met Blast and Franco, she had been missing from her home for less than 24 hours.

The duo kidnapped her and took her to an apartment, were they slashed her body and raped her.

According to a 1996 report from the New York Daily News, “Bronx Prosecutor William Hrabsky said the two held the girl captive in a Hunts Point apartment, Morales raping her and repeatedly slashing her body. Franco was charged with killing the girl after breaking her neck.”

Reduxx reports, “Blast repeatedly raped Williams, and he and Franco tortured the young girl further before stabbing her in an attempt to kill her. Realizing she was still alive after having been slashed by Blast, Franco then stomped on the child’s neck until it was broken.”

“After extinguishing the fire, attending detective Sergeant Michael Garvey noted that there had been no means of identifying Williams as she was completely naked, and had been badly mutilated,” the report added.

“All I saw was that her hair had been worn in corn rows,” Sergeant Garvey said at the time.

Police said that the child’s body was put in a box and dumped on the Sheridan Expressway before being set on fire.

“The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous,” Hrabsky said.

Blast claimed innocence in court, but had bragged about the crime to his friends — some of whom testified against him during the trial.

“Following his detention, Blast became a noted advocate for incarcerated trans people’s rights, successfully demanding the state of New York provide him with feminizing hormones in 1999, and suing the state in 2003 after having been refused sex reassignment surgery,” Reduxx reports. “Blast repeatedly became a media sensation for his sexual exploits while in custody, beginning a romantic relationship with Heriberto ‘Eddie’ Seda, a convicted serial killer who had sought to murder one person of each zodiac sign as an homage to San Fransisco’s infamous Zodiac Killer. Blast and Seda’s relationship was dotingly covered by the New Yorker in 2004, who even commissioned a portrait photograph of the couple.”

Blast fantasized about being a “real woman” in order to have babies that would be raised as serial killers.

“I met my friend, lover and infamous husband… the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer,” Blast told the New York Daily News. “My sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now. Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.”

Blast and Franco had both received sentences of 25-to-life for the murder — but were not charged for the rape.


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