Socialist NY City Councilwoman Cabán Claims NY Subways Are Safe Days After Woman Brutally Beaten

Socialist City Councilwoman Tiffany Cabán shared on Twitter that violence on New York subways is “one-in-a-million.”

“Subway violence is a one-in-a-million event.  As a believer in a violence-free NYC, I Still think that’s one too many, but let’s not let fear-mongering politicians and corporate media outlets scare us into thinking we have a a dangerous, scary public transit system.”

The defund-the-police Councilwoman, who the The New York post reported gave away defund-the-police merchandise last year, seems uninformed about the rampant violence in the Democrat-run city, including seemingly endless violence on the city’s transit system.

Perhaps she has missed some of these highlights from just the last six months:

Man Fatally Stabbed on New York City Subway – Suspect at Large

21-Year-Old Tourist Raped on NYC Subway Platform

Police Seek Help Identifying Man Who Brutally Attacked 64-Year-Old Stranger With Rock on NYC Subway 

HORROR: 14-Year-Old Boy Fatally Stabbed on NYC Subway Platform

Five Men Violently Attack, Rob Man in Brooklyn Subway Station

NYC Police Arrest Man After He Throws 52-Year-Old Woman onto Subway Tracks in Unprovoked Attack

Man Sleeping on Subway Slashed Across Face with Razor at Times Square Station

Video: Asian Man Attacked on New York City Subway Platform by Three Black Men

“Please Help Me” – Woman Begs For Help As Man Grabs Her Hair, Shouts Threats on New York Subway

Cabán issued the tweet following widespread coverage of the horrific attack on a woman at a subway station while on her way to work. Elizabeth Gomes was brutally attacked on September 2oth by an ex-con vagrant with a long rap sheet. Gomes suffered horrific injuries and may lose vision in one eye.

In comments to The New York Post, Gomes blasted Cabán:

“The subway system is dangerous and for her to post something like that — it seems to me that she doesn’t ride the subway or have anyone to ride it. She doesn’t really understand what it is,” Gomes told The Post. “It’s just getting worse and worse.”

Gomes, who lives in Far Rockaway and was on her way to work when she was attacked, said subway violence has increased since the pandemic.

“People are afraid,” she said. “People are getting robbed. People are getting shot. People are getting molested.”

She said defunding the police shouldn’t be an option.

“We need protection. That’s what we’re looking for,” she said. “That’s what the people are looking for.”

Just two days before veteran FDNY EMS Lt. Alison Russo was stabbed to death  in Queens in broad daylight, The Post reports Cabán was distributing guides to local merchants discouraging them from calling the police.

Cabán and Assemblyman Zohran Mamdani released a “public safety” guide discouraging merchants from calling the cops.

The guide from the two Democrats urges small business owners to dial 311, seek mental health services for people with mental illnesses, and engage in “community mediation” instead of calling 911 to summon the police when there is trouble in many cases.

It also advises merchants to “give the person causing harm the chance to correct their behavior” before seeking intervention.”


Cabán is out of touch.


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