Secretary of State Race In Washington State Heats Up – Ranked Choice Voting Is On The Ballot to Give Democrats Control for Eternity – Will A Write-In Candidate Shake Things Up?

Less than a month away from the November elections, the Washington Secretary of State race is heating up and ranked choice voting (RCV)  is on the ballot.

Democrat Steve Hobbs and ‘non-partisan’ Julie Anderson are on the ballot, but a recent write-in campaign by Brad Klippert for Secretary of State  is now giving Republicans a choice in an important state-wide office which controls elections.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the dangers of RCV.  RCV is a scheme being pushed by radical leftists and is a threat to our free and fair elections. It will eliminate the ability of Republican voters to primary unpopular candidates who do not follow our platform.  It will usher in corrupt elections wherein multiple rounds of vote juggling sometimes results in the person with fewer votes actually being declared the winner. It will throw state elections to Democrats. And it will ensure anti-establishment, pro-citizen candidates will never again get elected to state office.

Anderson strongly supports the gradual adoption of ranked choice voting by individual jurisdictions, which will eventually lead to a statewide implementation. She has signaled that, if elected, she will work with radical progressive Democratic legislators to implement the complex and discriminatory voting system further reducing voter confidence in elections at a time when voters are already feeling disenfranchised and mistrusting of election results.

According to a Crosscut-Elway Poll,  40% of Washington voters are still undecided in Secretary of State race. Hobbs has 31% and non-partisan Julie Anderson has 29%—a statistical dead heat which provided an legitimate opportunity of success for Klippert’s write-in campaign.

The Washington State Republican Party has endorsed Klippert and shared in a press release:

At a special meeting of the Washington State Republican Party, Republican Rep. Brad Klippert from Kennewick received the unanimous endorsement of the WSRP for his write-in campaign for Washington’s Secretary of State. Klippert filed as a write-in candidate after Republican candidates split the vote in the primary and failed to advance to the general election.

“Republican candidates won almost 40% of the votes in the primary, and now polls show 40% of the voters are undecided. It’s clear that voters want a chance to vote for a Republican candidate for Secretary of State,” Klippert said. To vote for Klippert, voters must write-in “Brad Klippert” on the write-in line for the Secretary of State race.

WSRP Chair Caleb Heimlich said, “The Washington State Republican Party proudly endorsed Representative Brad Klippert as a write-in candidate for Secretary of State. Representative Klippert has a strong record of serving and fighting for the people of Washington. The voters of our state have repeatedly elected a Republican to this office and they deserve to have the option of keeping this statewide position Republican. Writing in Representative Klippert is a great choice for voters who want clean, free and fair elections.”

According to a press release from the Klippert campaign:

Republican Representative Brad Klippert has launched a surprise write-in campaign for the office of Secretary of State. No Republican candidates made it past the August primary, leaving conservative and independent voters the choice of voting for Democratic incumbent Steve Hobbs or “nonpartisan” Julie Anderson for Secretary of State. Grassroots conservatives didn’t like those choices and lobbied Klippert to join the race as a write-in. Klippert said, “I’m honored to answer the call to serve our state and work towards improving our election laws and systems.”

Brad Klippert was first elected to public office in 2008 to represent the 8th legislative district and has been re-elected with overwhelming majorities in every subsequent election. Brad is a 7-term State House Representative. He currently serves as a House Minority Vice-Caucus Chair.

As a write-in candidate, Klippert’s name will not appear in the voting pamphlet or on the ballot. He’ll be counting on voters around the state to write in “Brad Klippert” for Secretary of State. He opposes ranked choice voting, which has become a hot topic in the Secretary of State race.

Recent polls showed 40% of participants were undecided about which SOS candidate to vote for and that a majority had strong opposition to ranked choice voting. As Secretary of State, Klippert’s other priorities will include: Improving election integrity, transparency & security, ensuring voters are verified U.S. citizens, making election day a holiday, and working to restore in-person voting. Klippert said, “My years of experience working within the legislature to create laws will help me chart a logical path towards improving our elections for all Washingtonians.”

Voters can learn more about the write-in campaign here.



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