Search Warrant FBI Used To Get Mike Lindell’s Cell Phone Is Under Dispute — DOJ Won’t Concede Filed Copy Is “True And Correct”

Mike Lindell’s phone was taken by FBI agents on September 13th outside a Minnesota Hardee’s.

Now, the search warrant Mike says the FBI showed him is under dispute.

In a hearing before a Trump-appointed judge in his civil case against the FBI and the US Department of Justice, government lawyers said they wouldn’t concede that the search warrant filed by Mike’s legal team was “true and correct.”

What is going on?

Here is part of the search warrant (PDF) Mike says he was served:

Mike’s lawyers — including Alan Dershowitz — want the search warrant declared “invalid.”

But the DOJ won’t say that search warrant filed by Mike’s lawyers is “true and correct.”

Law and Crime reported:

Lindell’s 20-page complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, seeks the return of the company-issued phone and other “declaratory or equitable relief.” The complaint also (more relevantly) asks for a judge to declare as “invalid” the search warrant federal agents used to seize the device. It further seeks the return of any data accessed from the device; for a “temporary restraining order prohibiting the Defendants from attempting any access to the data collected”; and for the government to provide Lindell “a copy of the Affidavit submitted to the Court to obtain the Warrant.”

Also from Law and Crime:

Federal prosecutors on Friday twice reiterated that they were “not conceding” that MyPillow founder and Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell filed a “true and correct” copy of a purported search warrant served upon him for the seizure of his cell phone.

Alan Dershowitz talked about why he’s supporting Mike in this case — even though they don’t agree politically — and why this case is so important:

I’m going to continue to defend Mike Lindell and others regardless of their political views. But I’m going to especially — especially — focus on people who are having their constitutional rights violated by my political party — by my people who I voted for — by my people whose attitudes on the election I agree with. That’s the special obigation that every citizen has: to hold to account those who are on your side…I pride myself on sticking to my principles…I paid a high price for defending Trump. I will probably pay a high price for defending Lindell.

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