SAVAGE: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Tells Gender Confused Katie Hobbs, “Try To Milk A Bull” During One Of Her BEST Speeches Yet (VIDEO)

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee spoke to a massive crowd at her Country Concert and Rodeo Rally featuring Senator Marsha Blackburn and country music singer John Rich on Saturday.

During her speech, Lake called out the fake news media, Katie Hobbs’ disgusting and racist ideas, and the Democrats’ “progressive” policies, saying, “progress, my ass,” and quoting John Rich saying, “stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, John Rich’s song “Progress” was released first on TRUTH Social and Rumble, and it hit #1 on iTunes earlier this year. “It was the biggest song of the summer, thanks to TRUTH Social,” said Kari Lake.

She then also challenged Katie Hobbs to “go out and milk a bull” because Hobbs thinks there are 47+ different genders.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this huge rally with thousands of supporters on Saturday night.

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Senator Blackburn, who has already endorsed Kari Lake for Governor, is one of many special Republican guest speakers who have joined Lake on the campaign trail in this critical midterm election.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin flew out to Arizona earlier this week to hold rallies with Kari Lake in Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona.

We also reported that former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard flew into phoenix Tuesday — after endorsing Kari Lake against radical leftist and admitted racist Katie Hobbs — to campaign for Kari.

Gabbard and Lake also trolled radical leftist Katie Hobbs for her refusal to debate. They brought a chicken, introduced as “Secretary of State Katie Hobbs,” on stage to dance for rallygoers.

At Saturday’s rally, supporters dressed in “where’s Waldo?” costumes to taunt weak Democrat Katie Hobbs. Brick Suit was also spotted showing his support for President Trump and Kari Lake’s border wall.

In the video below, Kari Lake calls out the “lying, propagandist bastards” in the fake news media and Katie Hobbs’ stupid “progressive” ideas.

The crowd interrupted Kari multiple times to boo the media, chanting “Kari, Kari, Kari!” and “lock him [Fauci] up.”

Lake: Shame on you, Katie, you are a racist. And shame on you, Katie, you are a coward. You know who she’s really afraid of? She’s not afraid of me as much as she’s afraid of you. She is afraid of Arizona. She’s afraid of the media. Where are they? Where’s the fake news are they right here?

Katie Hobbs is afraid of the fake news. I’ll tell you what, she should never be afraid of them. She ran from them. I’m not afraid of anything, especially not the fake news. I am not afraid of those lying, propagandist bastards who are trying to bring this country down. These propagandists are trying to destroy America. You know it right? There are a few good eggs in the media but just a few. Did any of you see my interview with Tucker Carlson this week? I will say Tucker is smart. But you know who’s not smart? My twice-convicted racist opponent Katie Hobbs. Twice — You heard me right. These guys in the media won’t cover it. She is twice-convicted of racism. That has to be some kind of a record guys. You ever heard of that before? Literally, two juries of her peers found her guilty of racism and that racism costs you and me nearly $3 million.

somebody just said I want my money back. Think about what we could do with $3 million. We could give every DPS man and woman who’s working to keep our streets safe in the DPS, our troopers, a $5,000 bonus with that money. But no, we’re paying for Katie Hobbs’ racism. She’s afraid of black people. She doesn’t think much of Latinos either. She is truly a racist, and they call us racist. Come on. She’s got no business being the governor of Arizona, and I truly think she knows it and that’s why she’s hiding from us. They better not steal it. There will be hell to pay. There will be hell to pay. She’s afraid of standing behind her ridiculous policies because they are truly ridiculous. We’ve seen what they’ve done to California. And she wants to do that to Arizona. What do you think of that? Arizona is never going to be California never. Katie Hobbs thinks there are 47 different genders. I’ll tell you what, I’m not a biology major. But there are two genders guys, two.

Where are the animals from the rodeo being kept? Somebody point, is it over here? Since we’re here at a rodeo, Katie, I’ve got a challenge for you. Katie Hobbs, why don’t you go out and try to milk a bull and tell me how that goes? Maybe we can give her a common sense country education on the two genders. Send her out and have her milk a bull. The other thing is that you know, and we’re joking and we’re laughing, but I’ll tell you what it is right there on her website. She’s actually fighting for what she calls gender affirmation surgeries.

This is how crazy our world has gotten guys. This is how crazy, she wants to castrate our boys. She wants to give our girls a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy, and she wants to do it behind the backs of their parents. It’s sick! Keep your hands off our kids. I just heard a mama bear out there say that. Give me some noise if you’re a mama bear who’s fed up with this nonsense. How many Papa bears are fed up with this nonsense? Katie Hobbs thinks that our schools should teach our children to be racist, they should judge people by the color of their skin. You know what? Probably because she is racist. That’s why she thinks that she thinks that it’s fine to kill a baby. And I’m talking about a full term baby and they call us radical? She’s radical. They’re radical. This is an absolute truth guys. And remember this when you’re hearing the media lie. She voted against legislation that would provide life saving care to a baby who survives an abortion she’d rather that baby die on a cold metal tray. She is sick and she’s a monster. And I’ll tell you what, Katie Hobbs worships Anthony Fauci.

Why don’t we just vote her out first. Okay? Let’s start with voting her out. She wants to force our children to get a vaccine, an experimental shot, in order to get an education. I’ll tell you what, when I’m your governor, we will not make our kids guinea pigs. We will never force them to get that shot. Our children are not guinea pigs to Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma. And frankly, neither are we. Arizona, we’re smart people here. We do not need this extreme nonsense. We don’t want it. They call this nonsense in the Democrat Party “progress.” Have you heard him say that? It’s progressivism. Progress my ass. Progress my ass. I’m gonna actually quote my friend who’s back here waiting to come on, John Rich, “stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.” Have you heard that song? This tells you how times are changing. It was the biggest song of the summer. His song, John Rich’s song. He didn’t need Apple Music. He didn’t need Google. He didn’t need Spotify. He was the biggest song of the summer thanks to TRUTH Social. How many of you are on TRUTH Social? If you’re not on it, go there and get on it quick. It goes to show you that that times are changing guys. We’re starting we’re really starting to win this battle against our families and against our children. And the tide is changing and that tide is rising into a huge red wave.

Now I’m ready to put an end to this leftist progress because it’s anything but progress. How many of you are with me?

Watch the full speech here.

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