Project Veritas: Tulsa Principal Begs Staff Not to Record Her at Meeting Addressing “Anarchist” Middle School Teacher Tyler Wrynn (AUDIO)

Project Veritas on Wednesday released undercover audio of Will Rogers High School Principal Nicolette Dennis begging staff not to record her addressing “anarchist” teacher Tyler Wrynn.

Tyler Wrynn, a Will Rogers Middle School English teacher told an undercover PV journalist, “I am an anarchist.”

Wrynn bragged about having a large TikTok following: “So, I have a rather large TikTok following. I’m an authority figure. So, I [publish] a Christmas message of, ‘Hey, if your parents don’t love and support you for who you are this Christmas, f**k them. I’m your parent now. I love you. Drink some water. I’m proud of you.’”

“Trust me, I want to burn down the entire system,” he said.

Wrynn attacked Christianity and disclosed that he wants to ‘remove Christianity from progressive thought.’


Will Rogers High School Principal Nicolette Dennis begged not to be recorded in a staff meeting about “anarchist”

“There is no secret. Please take your phones off. Don’t videotape me, please. Don’t, like, put this on social media. Don’t make me feel like Project Veritas is with us…We just have to be careful right now. Everybody’s got their phones out,” she said.

“There is no secret curriculum at Rogers. There is nobody that’s got woke politics here…I do not believe for one minute that there is a radical agenda in anybody’s class in this school,” she said.

“This is not about us. This is not about our school. We have to stand behind each other even if we don’t agree. Even if we don’t agree with each other. Even if we, politically, are in different worlds. That’s ok…It’s just the world we live in right now. Part of it is – the adults have lost their minds. Because, you know what? You want to know why our kids are crazy? It’s because we’re all crazy!” Dennis said.


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