Press Conference Tomorrow: Risking Careers, Active-Duty Military Officers Will Call For an End to Unlawful DOD Vaccine Mandates

On Tuesday, October 18,  active duty officers in the US military will speak at a press conference calling for an end to the DoD’s unlawful Covid-19 mandates and expose the harsh and unjust treatment that 80,000+ unvaccinated service members continue to face.

These service members will join their attorney, Dale Saran Esq., who will provide updates to the cases he is litigating in Federal Court against the military Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft has interviewed several members of the military to discuss the unjust treatment that they and their fellow military members have been subjected to under the unlawful mandate.

The mandate has forced thousands out of military service and discouraged new recruits from joining.  Military recruiting and retention is suffering.

Lt. John Bowes submitted a request for a religious accommodation last year to the US military to excuse him from taking the experimental COVID vaccine, a request that was later denied. Lt. Bowes has been grounded since the denial last September.

Fighter pilot Capt. Tom Stewart, USMC, described his personal story of challenging the US Military vaccine mandates. This included the unlawful process they used to ground US pilots back in September, wasting nine months of manpower and resources.

In May of 2022, over 500 members of the military filed a lawsuit against the government arguing that the vaccine mandate is illegal because there is no approved vaccine available in the US.

From the press release:


Attorney Dale Saran to Provide Legal Updates; Officers Will Give Firsthand Accounts of DOD’s Coercive Tactics that Punish Soldiers, Threaten Constitution and Military Readiness

Less than 20 years have passed since the failed Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP), in which a Judge ruled against compulsory vaccination using Emergency-Use Authorized (EUA) products. Using the same tactics of coercion and punishment from the Anthrax vaccine mandate, the Department of Defense is now unlawfully forcing service members to take experimental, EUA Covid-19 vaccines.

Military readiness, Constitutional rights, and national security are all at risk due to the mandates. Some of the officers recently discussed these issues on Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse podcast, “Support and Defend: Military Whistleblowers Confront a Rogue Chain of Command.”

Saran and his clients seek redress and hope to bring public awareness to these unlawful mandates and the issues plaguing our military.

Stay Tuned for details about what is shared at the press conference.

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