Person Caught Removing Republican Lee Zeldin Campaign Signs (Video)

A video posted to social media shows a woman removing Republican Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin’s campaign signs.

The woman had her face covered with a mask as she removed the Zeldin signs at a Long Island park.

The woman donned a uniform and tried to impersonate an official city agent.


According to NYPD sources who spoke with The Yeshiva World, the woman is not a police officer nor is she a traffic enforcement agent.

Per Yeshiva World:

NYPD sources tell YWN that the individual in the video is not an NYPD Officer, nor is a Traffic Enforcement Agent, nor does it appear that the individual is an employee of any New York City agency. Rather, it appears that the person tearing down the Zeldin signs is a private individual who donned a fake uniform to give her the façade of being a city agent.

According to a recent poll, Republican Lee Zeldin is leading Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul 46% to 45% in the Governor race.
Even in their recent debate, Zeldin completely dominated Hochul, so it’s no surprise that “officers” are now secretly removing Zeldin signs.


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