PELOSI COVER UP: Now we know why Democrats lied about Trump’s National Guard Offer

By Ali Alexander

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee investigating the January 6th riot, which took place at the US Capitol nearly two years ago, held its last public hearing nearly two weeks go. The committee is exclusively made up of anti-Republican members appointed by the leader of the Democratic Party. In our entire 233 year history operating under the US Constitution, this mono-partisan makeup and appointment has never happened.

No serious lover of law, in either its making or adjudication, would dream up a process of getting to objective facts without an adversarial process in the calling and questioning of documents and witnesses. However, that’s exactly what Pelosi, Chairman Bennie Thompson, and Liz Cheney (who has been expelled by voters) have schemed up at great detriment to the republic.

Now, the entire premise of this specially-empowered committee was to “investigate the facts, circumstances, and causes relating to the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol” and draft legislative recommendations to prevent a future collpase in security.

Curious then that most of the committee’s effort has been spent violating the civil rights of countless conservative activists, Republican consultants, and probing the Trump administration in a shocking break from precedent with Joe Biden waiving executive privilege on behalf of the Trump administration.

Some of the committee’s subpoenas ask witnesses to produce records from 2019, peaceful political gatherings prior and directly after Election Day 2020, and conversations that contributed to legislative products. Time and time again, committee members have taken to sensationalized TV shows to assert that crimes are being investigated by the partisan body.

Congress, per the Constitution, is explicitly barred from pursuing criminal investigations. What it can do is fix their own security and streamline processes.

The committee has held one hearing involving police. One that didn’t include assessing any of the chain of command failures, miscommunications between the various participating agencies, or abuses that contributed to the death of unarmed protestors—the only people to actually die on January 6th.

The US Capitol Police Chief, who told the Senate that he ordered the evacuation of the Capitol building due to pipe bombs found outside of the RNC headquarters and not protestors, was terminated through “resignation.” So, too, was the House sergeant-at-arms and his Senate counterpart who is now dead amid conflicting accounts between the men.

Before any Congressional investigation had been commissioned, the three men with direct knowledge had been ousted and Congress gave the USCP nearly $2 billion, tasked them with launching an intelligence collection arm, and the next month they opened satellite offices in Florida and California.

These police are not subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Julie Kelly over at American Greatness has chronicled the lies by the US Capitol Police, none of which have been corrected, for historical record, by the committee. The list of lies, including Kamala Harris’ whereabouts, by the Department of Justice and security apparatus continues to grow month by month.

It was only this year that we learned there were “shoot-to-kill squads” embedded around protestors and within the Capitol. What else might we not know? What has the committee missed in its political pursuit to dig up criminal referrals against President Donald J. Trump and his top allies?

All of these facts begin to look like a clean-up job.

Even more curious, the committee has not investigated the one person tasked with maintaining (including security) the US Capitol grounds, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi testified under oath about preparations she took or didn’t take in preparation for the largest protest and lawful objections to the certification of some of the Electoral College votes?

The UCSP Chief says that Pelosi’s security boss didn’t like the “optics” of declaring an emergency, which would’ve been legally required to mobilize the guard, and it be made to appear that the Speaker had lost control.

Her dereliction of duty created no backstop for the protests to run into before parts of it became a riot.

Is this why Pelosi won’t release the 14,000 hours of video surveillance at the Capitol? This footage is immune to FOIA requests.

A day after the conflict, we learned that the Department of Defense offered the USCP the National Guard three days prior to the planned objections on January 6th.

This wasn’t a passive request either. According to testimony that predates the formation of the select committee from Chris Miller, the acting head of defense, the president actually inquired if the District’s mayor had requested the National Guard. He authorized him to “fill” any requests. This is a constitutional and legal distinction as the president cannot order the guard in without a request. He can only authorize.

For nearly two years, Trump has told the world that this was the case ping ponging between offers of 10,000 and 20,000 guardsmen.

This summer, Kash Patel, who was appointed Chief of Staff for Miller, released an “unclassified” memo detailing the steps the department took to offer security to the District and Congress. Patel, too, confirms that the president not only authorized his government to fulfill any requests but actually suggested it himself.

On January 5th 2021, DC Mayor Muriel Browser took to Twitter to brag about not only not seeking additional law enforcement help, but also actively discouraged any deployment of guardsmen at the Capitol.

This ‘he said, she said’ fight appeared to come to a conclusion with October 13th’s hearing airing footage no one knew existed. This footage followed Members of Congress as they carried out their duties on January 6th.

The footage was shot by Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter, Alexandra Pelosi (and her team), who was apparently there for national security briefings at Fort McNair, filming calls with government officials, we learned things that had not previously been made public about the woman tasked with keeping the Capitol secure and safe for permitted protests.

Daughter Pelosi sold her film to HBO and teed up CNN, which is owned by the same parent company, with exclusive footage which aired extended scenes during primetime following the hearing. Yes, the January 6th Select Committee was used and coordinated to tease the trailer of a director’s preview for this Pelosi film and familial profit. Perfect “wrap up smear.”

On the film, Speaker Pelosi frantically called for guardsmen that she and her team had previously rejected. Both she and Chuck Schumer appeared to violate the separation of powers and attempt to direct cabinet secretaries and their security posture. They injected chaos into the various coordinating law enforcement agencies by calling governors, the mayor, and Trump’s cabinet officials. All to get troops down to the Capitol.

She was first to call it an “insurrection” and alleged on her calls with officials that the president had “instigated” the riot in stark contrast to his calls to walk down “peacefully and patriotically” down to the permitted protests after his speech at the Ellipse. We learned that she couldn’t plead ignorance because she watched the speech from her office.

Amidst the chaos—all captured on film—Pelosi realizes she failed in her duty as Speaker of the House. Permitted protests were to take place on the Capitol grounds and her team had rejected the National Guard that President Trump had offered which would’ve kept crowds well-directed and well-behaved.

President Trump’s prescient offer would’ve prevented any riot, one that didn’t start at our rally and began before it ever ended, from ever taking place.

Or, maybe Pelosi was the prescient one and got the optics she wanted after all?

Ali Alexander appeared before the January 6th Select Committee on December 9, 2021 and testified for 8 hours. He provided evidence that exonerated President Trump and conservative Members of Congress who had been falsely accused of planning an “insurrection.” This past summer, he appeared before a federal grand jury. Support this patriot. He’s suing Nancy Pelosi and her committee. He is credited with starting the post-Election Day protests and was the originating organizer of January 6th. He is the most deplatformed patriot in the country. His legal defense can be supported at


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