Mark Levin Blasts Mitch McConnell for Ignoring and Throttling Grassroots Republican Candidates – “We Have Great Candidates”

Mark Levin was on Hannity last week and he warned about voting for Democrats. 

Levin also warned of the actions Mitch McConnell is taking to destroy top GOP candidates running for the Senate. 

McConnell continues to financially support Lisa Murkowski, who lost her primary and announced this week she was endorsing the Democrat in the Alaska US House race.

Lisa Murkowski Says She Will Support Democrat for Alaska US Representative Race – Mitch McConnell Continues to Support Her

Levin shared that things are so bad for the Democrats that they are bringing in Barack Obama to campaign for them.  Levin reminds us that Obama lost over 1,000 seats across the country while he was President so he suggests the GOP should pay Obama to get involved in the 2022 election.

But the Democrats don’t have to fear too much with Republicans like Mitch McConnell doing all they can to prevent GOP Senate wins.

FOX News writes:

Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” and former Justice Department chief of staff under Attorney General Edwin Meese III, told Fox News that Biden and his party are “destroying our economic system” and injecting pornography into public schools while indoctrinating students…

“Joe Biden is the Herbert Hoover of our time, except that Herbert Hoover had compassion and he had a heart. Joe Biden does not,” Levin added, referring to the president who was in office during the Great Depression.

“Neither do the Democrats. They deny there is inflation. They deny there’s recession. They are obsessively focused on partial birth abortion: That’s sick. You wake up every morning thinking about that. Meanwhile, they don’t support law and order. They don’t support the cops who protect women’s bodies.”

“Let me say this to you, Democrats,” he added. “We don’t want your socialist crap. We don’t want your centralized power. We don’t want bureaucrats making our health care decisions. We don’t want you destroying our economic system. We’re not buying off on this climate change that’s destroying our energy independence. Keep your damn hands off our children.”

Levin, who grew up just across the Philadelphia city line in Cheltenham, Pa., condemned the violence and mob robberies gripping his home city.

If Democrats win in November, he warned, Philadelphia and cities like it will become the proverbial model for the country:

“Mayhem in the streets will continue. It’s just incredible. The Democrat Party has done more to damage our country, to damage our country economically in terms of law enforcement and crime, in terms of the border, than communist China and Russia could do together on their best day.”

Levin then criticized Mitch McConnell for his anti-GOP actions leading up to the 2022 midterms.

The radio host also had choice words for the current leader of the Republican Party in Congress, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky – whom he claimed has questioned some of the nominees for key Senate races this cycle.

“You criticized our candidates. Let me tell you something. We have great candidates. We have citizen candidates, people with all kinds of backgrounds,” he said.

Levin further addressed McConnell, saying that the candidates referenced are not likely to join with the Washington establishment, but should still not be criticized for that.

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