KJP on Biden’s Claim of “Jim Crow 2.0” As Georgia Sees Record Voter Turnout: “High Turnout and Voter Suppression Can Take Place at the Same Time” (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday was asked if Joe Biden regrets calling Georgia’s voting laws “Jim Crow 2.0” last year.

Biden last year encouraged the MLB to move its All-Star game from Atlanta to majority white Denver to boycott Georgia’s voting laws.

“It’s reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” Biden said last April. “The best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up. Stop it. Stop it.”

Voting laws in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware are more restrictive than Georgia’s voting laws.

Joe Biden was given four Pinocchio’s by Washington Post fact-checkers for lying about Georgia’s voting law last year.

Georgia saw record early voting turnout for this year’s midterms.

Karine Jean-Pierre said blacks are still being suppressed but she couldn’t name any voter suppression in Georgia.

“Of course, high turnout and voter suppression can take place at the same time. They don’t have to be – one doesn’t have to happen on its own,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t say if Joe Biden was wrong to compare Georgia voting law to “Jim Crow.”


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