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We reported on Pete Schwartz back in December 2021. He had already been in prison for nearly a year at that point.

The regime kept Pete in the hole for six months in the last two years.

Peter Schwartz, age 47 and a Kentucky welder who has served in the Army Reserve, was indicted after he was accused of pepper-spraying officers during the Jan. 6 protest.  He was arrested on Feb. 2nd in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. According to his letter, he was with his wife when 30 agents assaulted him with flashbang grenades, armored vehicles, and more than 10 assault rifles aimed at his chest.

“At no point did either my wife or I resist but we were both roughly handled and forced/dragged up the stairs after being shackled and handcuffed as we were shoved around,” Schwartz said.

“Today is Nov. 8, 2021. I was arrested on Feb, 2nd 2021. The only portion of my discovery, (the evidence against me), that I’ve seen, is a warrant that was publicly published by Forbes Magazine. After this much time of being incarcerated, I don’t know what evidence is being used against me, nor do I even know what specifically I’m being charged with,” Schwartz added.

On Thursday Peter Schwartz called The Gateway Pundit from his prison cell.

We are including the phone call here.

Here is the transcript. The corrupt DOJ added two unrelated codefendants to his case in order to take him down. Codefendants he has never met and has no relationship with.

Peter Schwartz: My name is Peter Morris. I’m housed in the DC Gulag Department of Corrections. I’ve been here I’ve never had a boss hearing. They gave me two reconsiderations for bond hearing, and they said nothing’s changed since my initial bond hearing, which was nonexistent. I’ve never had a bond hearing. And so they’ve justified that and kept me in solitary confinement in the whole for six months of these last two years with no charges against me. And I watched the Trump’s beach with my wife. We had gone there. I’m a traveling welder, and we ran out a job on Pennsylvania. So we went and watched the Trump speech. I’m a Trump supporter. Whatever. And that’s what we were there for. And we got funneled into the protest. And while we were standing, we didn’t see any of the agitation or we didn’t see anybody. We never came to a police barrier. We never came to a trespassing sign, but the police started shooting at us, and they shot my leg and my wife shoot the leg and gave her a well, with the sting balls. They see us gas.

Jim Hoft: That was with one of those, you say, what was it? She got hit with a rubber bullet or what? Oh, a sting ball. Okay.

Peter Schwartz: So then while the crowds all gas, they opened up this line, and everybody funneled to get away from the gas, and they were funneling us in the area. They wanted cops were behind us, and cops were in front of us, and they were hurting us into this area, where they then closed in on us and continued to amaze us and attack us and this and that. And I’m accused of, after 20 minutes of this, finally spring back to them, is what they’ve accused me of, which, not for nothing, a person should have the right to defend themselves anyhow. So what they’re trying to do is my trial, which is in less than two weeks, is scheduled for three weeks, and they have 44 witnesses. And of these 44 witnesses, 42 of them have never seen me, don’t know me, and have nothing to do. They’re just going to try the day of January 6.

Jim Hoft: Oh, my God.

Pete Schwartz: Two of the witnesses are police who said they remember my face, but they don’t remember me committing any felonies or spraying any mates. So in order, because I probably would have a win coming, they’ve attached two people to my case. Unrelated. I didn’t say stuff on social media. I’m not a social media guy. But they’ve attached to codefendents to me, who said all kinds of crazy stuff and had all kinds of weaponry and stuff at their houses, and they’re going to use all of these guys evidence against me.

Jim Hoft: Unbelievable, Pete.

Pete Schwartz: It is so unbelievable.

January 6 political prisoner Pete Schwartz

On Thursday Pete Schwartz sent The Gateway Pundit a letter from his prison cell.

** You can help and donate here: Patriot Pete Political Prisoner in DC

Pete has been incarcerated by the Biden regime for over a year-and-a-half without being convicted of any crime.

The United States is now ruled by thugs and criminals.

While the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are undoubtedly honeypots and entrapment operations; the majority of us Jan-6ers are fairly normal people who lead fairly normal lives. Most of us had never even heard of those groups before Jan 6, 2021. Many of us had homes, wives, families, careers, and attended church regularly. We’re all individuals, but collectively we’re a typical sample of Middle America. Some of us have caught some bad breaks in life, and some of us had it a little better. But we all unanimously support law and order, the Constitution, and basic Christian values…  and we all feel like Donald J. Trump is the best choice for accomplishing those goals, and for America.

As much publicity as Jan. 6 has gotten, you’d think that the truth would have come to the light, if even accidentally. But the “narratives” about Jan 6 keeps the truth buried. The Democrat claims that it was an “insurrection” are ridiculous and absurd. But our conservative allies are pushing, what’s basically a watered-down version of the same narrative; by claiming that Jan 6ers got “carried away”, and that the cops then “over-reacted” in response to us. These “narratives” simply are not true.

The Democrats use “protective orders” to censor what Jan 6 video footage they want hidden, even though they then violate their own “protective order” when it suits their narrative (through heavy editing). Our conservative allies don’t use the censorship weapon themselves, but they’ve constructed a narrative based on what Democrats present instead of the truth, which is a much bigger picture.

Every time video footage of January 6 is played publicly; it appears as though Trump supporters are attacking cops.  The presumption is that they are angry about the election, and not because they have been assaulted by cops. This is very misleading. And when strange events, such as bomb threats and Fed “Agitators”, started taking place at the Capitol; the majority of us were still watching Trump’s speech, which is why we were there.

My wife and I are not even “protesters’. We’re traveling welders who voted for Trump and happened to be on a job near D.C. We didn’t see any barriers. We didn’t breach any police lines. We had no reason to believe we were even trespassing. The President of the United States didn’t seem to think that the public grounds were restricted, and since they haven’t been on any other Jan. 6; why would he?  Yet we’re both facing 20 years for the 1512 charge of “disrupting an official proceeding” even though we never entered the Capitol building.  I’m facing numerous assault charges even though neither of us assaulted anybody.  Quite the contrary. We were attacked viciously and repeatedly by police, before we even knew what was happening, for an extended period of time.  We were then funneled into an area where we were surrounded and attacked further. I tried to protect my wife by keeping the cops away from us as they closed in. I did nothing wrong.

I can’t speak for every individual’s actions, but for the majority of us, whose lives have been destroyed by this lengthy incarceration; comparing us to Antifa and BLM is like pouring salt in our open wounds. We were setup and entrapped by our own government. We were attacked by police. We were goaded and herded by Fed “agitators.”  People got angry.  People defended themselves . . . and others.  But the chronology of these events is discarded. And of course, there were numerous, staged, photo shoots that day. The photos say one thing, but the videos of these photo shoots tell an entirely different story. Staged photo shoots don’t fit any of the “narratives’ though, so that gets swept under the rug.
And even our Conservative allies promote narratives over truth when they say things like:

“If only more troops had been there, then Jan. 6 would’ve never even happened!”

From what I experienced that day, twice as many troops would have meant: my wife and I would have been sprayed with mace 28x instead of only 14x. We would have been shot with twice as many “sting-balls”, and CS-gassed twice as many times. And twice as many innocent people would have been attacked that day. It’s an absolutely absurd idea to suggest that; the way to prevent a government entrapment scheme is to increase the amount of government participants.

The Legal Industry abandoned justice and the Constitution a long time ago, right under people’s noses. And that’s how we ended up where the country is now. A stolen Presidential Election wouldn’t be as big of a deal if there was a Justice System in place to right the wrong, instead of the Legal Industry we have now.

When I was born in 1973; I was born into a pretty great country with lots of freedom, thanks to the sacrifices made by those before me. So I wouldn’t mind suffering these injustices if it were making our country a better place to live. But as long as the truth remains hidden behind “narratives”, this is all for nothing and evil wins.

It is my wish that ALL truth comes to the light. From the illegitimate President, to the crooked Judges and Lawyers, to the undercover Fed assets here in jail with me, and everything and everybody in between. It all needs exposed. Our country has no hope if it isn’t.

That which is allowed is that which will continue.

Pete Schwartz
Political Prisoner #377185


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