JAMES O’KEEFE DROPS A BOMB! Video to Drop on Monday Involving Crazy Katie Hobbs and Far Left AZ Senator Mark Kelly! (VIDEO)


James O’Keefe called New York Times hack Jack Healy earlier today to discuss the Project Veritas report on Katie Hobbs running from a black Project Veritas reporter after he asked her a question.

When he answered the phone, he sounded so nervous that he was being contacted by a real journalist.

Jack Healy recently wrote a report on the incident but would not report on it honestly. The NY Times is outraged that Project Veritas publishes real news.

During their phone call on Saturday, James O’Keefe told Healy he could always call PV if he has a tip.

And then James O’Keefe dropped a bomb on the hacks at the NY Times and the Katie Hobbs campaign.

Katie Hobbs is campaigning in Arizona from her basement.  She refuses to hold a debate and is counting on fraud to carry her across the finish line.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this month on twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs’ unhinged flee from Project Veritas Action press secretary RC Maxwell. Hobbs’ campaign consultants also hypocritically revealed Hobbs’ plans to violate our Second Amendment rights while touting their own guns and explained why Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Kari Lake, claiming it would not help her failing campaign.

This is a must-see video.

“Whatever You Call Us, The True Racist Is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!” – Kari Lake Eats Up The Fake News Media After Event With South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Here is the transcript from today’s bombshell teaser:

James O’Keefe:  Hey, this is James O’Keefe at Project Veritas.

Healy: Oh. Yeah, hey,

James O’Keefe: You were asking about our story inside a fast-food restaurant?

Healy: Yeah, at the restaurant where she was eating.

James O’Keefe: Yeah. Do you intend to write about the substance of the videos?

Healy: Sorry, we’re going to uh. We, I, reference the tape in a story that actually just published a second ago.

James O’Keefe: So you asked about why did we do it at a fast food restaurant?

Healy: No, I, well, I want to know which one it was. I couldn’t recognize which restaurant it was where you guys were.

James O’Keefe: Oh, I don’t remember. But it says you referenced a video shot at the fast food restaurant and wanted to ask if you had any comment on how and why you did this at the fast food restaurant, and thoughts about how Secretary Hobbs responded to being approached. How did we know that Hobbs was eating at this particular restaurant is what you asked me in your interrogatories that you asked. So, yeah, so I don’t know. We knew that she’d be eating there at the restaurant because I mean, we just did honest reporting. Found out. It was actually according to people familiar with the matter. That’s how we found out.

Healy: Okay, um, and I was also curious, you guys had some videos of some like back seat stuff and some conversations with some of her campaign consultants and folks. would those leaked by people within the campaign or was that filmed by someone specifically with you guys?

James O’Keefe: We have a lot of people that leak us information from within these campaigns. They’re brave, they send us a tip at [email protected]. And if you ever want to blow the whistle on the New York Times, there’s a way for you to do that. You know, we filmed Rosenberg said that Adam Goldman doesn’t write very well. He was a person that was filmed. We’re also suing the New York Times for defamation, and we got past motion to dismiss and you know, so I’m just calling you to ensure that you know that your reporting is ethical and proper.

Healy: I believe it is. I mean, basically it’s not a story specifically about you guys, it’s a story about Hobbs. And obviously, the video has been the feature of the campaign, Hannity discussed it, I believe Kari Lake may have referred to it. Some of Hobbs’ other critics have as well. So that’s the context in which I’m talking about.

James O’Keefe: Well, we have another video coming out on Monday. I’m headed to Arizona Sunday. There’s more tapes at Hobbs, and I’ll make sure you get an embargoed version of that. We’ll make sure you get a copy of that advanced.

Healy: Sure. I’ll look for it for sure. Oh, I guess my other question was, any thoughts or comments on the way she responded to your your your person? You know, the person who approached her?

James O’Keefe: She spilled the drink. The drink spilled all over the place. Is that what you’re referencing? The drink, the beverage, she got up, and the drink spilled everywhere. So is that what you mean?

Healy: Yeah, I mean, just in, I mean, she, and then she ran to the bathroom.

James O’Keefe: She ran to the bathroom, and RC Maxwell, our intrepid journalist, you know, Mike Wallace used to do these sorts of things. I realize Mike Wallace is dead, but he used to confront people and interview them and you know, hold them accountable. I think it’s important journalists do this. I think it’s important journalists actually, you know, go out in the field and expose powerful people. We need people doing that. RC does a very good job of that. He just did it with Mayor Adams actually Mayor Adams fired his aide. The New York Times hasn’t reported on the fact that the New York City Mayor has fired his aide for attacking first responders and calling the mayor corrupt. I don’t know why. Why is the New York Times not talking about that?

Healy: I am not a metro reporter, and I don’t know anything about that coverage. So I wish I wish I could tell you I sort of only know about my little chunk of the world.

James O’Keefe: What’s your beat?

Healy: I cover the Southwest for the Times. I’m on the national desk. So, I’m not a political reporter.

James O’Keefe: The Southwest United States? I look forward to covering our Mark Kelly videos that are coming out on the Senator, big Senators race in Arizona. We’re releasing that story on Monday, so I hope that because that is your beat.

Healy: Yeah, I will I’ll look forward to them. That would be much appreciated.

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