Hillary Clinton Blames Republicans for Attack on Paul Pelosi

Hillary Clinton joined the chorus of Democrats blaming Republicans for the attack on Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Paul Pelosi was attacked at the couple’s San Francisco home early Friday morning while Nancy Pelosi was reportedly in Washington, D.C. Details about the attack are sketchy, but a narrative has been born to blame Republicans based on reports the alleged attacker was yelling, “Where is Nancy?”

Clinton commented on Twitter about a Los Angeles Times article that sought to portray the alleged attacker, 42-year-old David DePape, as a believer in right-leaning conspiracy theories:

“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

Hillary Clinton financed and spread the deranged conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a Russian agent who stole the 2016 presidential election from her while he watched Russian hookers pee on a hotel bed in Moscow that was slept on by Barack Obama.

Clinton is still spreading conspiracy theories, recently appearing in a video in which she accused Republicans of plotting to steal the 2024 elections.

Clinton’s accusation of blaming Republicans for the attack on Paul Pelosi followed Joe Biden in blaming Republicans for the attack. Biden said in Philadelphia Friday night:

“This is despicable. There’s no place in America–there’s too much violence, political violence, too much hatred, too much vitriol. And what makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax? That it’s all a bunch of lies and not affect people who may not be so well-balanced. What makes us think! That it’s not it’s not going to corrode the political climate?”

Also on Saturday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) blamed President Trump for the attack on Paul Pelosi, “Trump is responsible for hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths,the violence of January 6 and the attack on Paul Pelosi. He is a clear and present danger to our Constitution . A cancer on our body politic.. He must be held accountable! NOW! “Before it’s too late.””

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