It’s Happening: Dementia Joe will Go to Pennsylvania to Stump For Stroke Victim John Fetterman

A match made in heaven!

Dementia Joe is going to travel to Pennsylvania next week to stump for Democrat Senate candidate and stroke victim John Fetterman.

Neither of these men can string a sentence together, but here we are.

“On Thursday, October 20, the President will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The President will also travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to participate in a reception for Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.” the announcement read.

John Fetterman is totally shot after his massive stroke in May.

Fetterman is running against Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz in the 2022 US Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman’s interview with NBC was so bad that the anchor who sat down with him for the one-on-one chat was in disbelief.

MSNBC had a monitor set up so Fetterman could read the reporter’s questions because of his ‘lingering auditory processing issues’ from his stroke.

“Just in some of the small talk prior to the interview, before the closed-captioning was up and running, it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversations,” the NBC reporter said.

Fake News CNN tried to cover for Fetterman but it didn’t work.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta was so desperate to cover for Fetterman that he pulled out a plastic brain prop to explain why the Pennsylvania Democrat can’t speak.

And now John Fetterman is calling in the big guns – Joe Biden – to campaign for him.

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