Grant Stinchfield Launches New Podcast – First Episode Reveals Why Newsmax Cancelled his Primetime Show and How The FBI May be Spying on the Trump Team

Former Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield is launching his new podcast today.

In his first exclusive Grant discusses his final days at Newsmax.  Grant also touches on the FBI spying on the Trump Team.

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Grant Stinchfield is the co-host of The Morning Answer on AM870 in LA. His new podcast “Stinchfield” can be found on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and Rumble.  You can subscribe at his website or find him @stinchfield1776 on most social media platforms.

Below is his statement:

I got the call in early June of this year that my final broadcast of “Stinchfield” would be that night.  Even though I expected it could happen, I still can’t comprehend why it happened.  My role at Newsmax amounted to my dream job.  I will always be grateful to Newsmax for providing me one of the most amazing opportunities of my life.  In the end, it is my belief that editorial disagreements led to the cancellation of “Stinchfield” not any unfair actions from either side.  I readily admit, I did not give Newsmax what it wanted.

We had grown our audience from zero viewers a night two years earlier to between 250 and 300 thousand viewers a night.  “Stinchfield” was up over 12% from May of 2021 to May of 2022.  On any given night, we were the 2nd or 3rd highest rated show on the network.  We were America First, pro Trump and proud of it.  It’s why I am launching a podcast today that will be Unbiased and Uncensored.  To insure what happened to me at Newsmax will never happen to me again.

Two high-level executives told me it was a “game day decision” as to what host would be ousted to make room for the former Fox News and CNN talker Greta Van Susteren.  Earlier in the week, I had counseled my fellow hosts that it would be a simple lineup shift, and not to worry.  I was clearly wrong, even though two days before my ouster, one top executive promised me “you job is safe.”  The reality is, at Newsmax, only the CEO Chris Ruddy actually knows what direction the network is headed.

So why cancel “Stinchfield?”  If you ask Newsmax, it will tell you what it told me.  I didn’t make enough “ratings inroads” against Tucker Carlson, my direct competition at 8 pm.  The Fox News host dominates prime time for good reason.  He is smart, entertaining and he thinks outside the box.  I would argue building an audience from zero to 300-thousand is inroads, but clearly not enough inroads for Newsmax higher-ups.

To gain ratings Newsmax wanted me to go on the attack.  Executives told me I need to go after Tucker Carlson with a vengeance.  I cringed.  In my mind, Tucker Carlson is next in line to President Trump as the leader of the Republican Party.  Why would I go after a man who has done so much to defend freedom in America?  I pushed back.  Newsmax did not like that.  In an effort to appease them, I found small nuances I disagreed with Tucker on.  I would focus on those, hoping it would be good enough.  It wasn’t.

I was told to attack him nightly.  I gently refused.  Newsmax executives got frustrated.  I wouldn’t budge.  I have always prided myself on remaining true to my values and the standards I set for myself.  Morally I felt it was wrong to attack Tucker Carlson.  Not only did I agree with him on nearly every issue, but I have always believed there is strength in numbers and strong conservative voices need to stick together.  Fox News may have strayed from the conservative values it was built on, but Fox News is not the enemy, and neither is Tucker Carlson.

Each time I ventured down the path of constructive criticism of Tucker I got blasted by my viewers.  I tried to explain to Newsmax that this attack on Tucker will backfire.  It is not what America First patriots, the people who make up our audience, want from us.  Angry with my pushback, Newsmax unleashed my friend, advisor to Presidents Clinton and Trump, Dick Morris to come on “Stinchfield” and go after Tucker himself.  Dick Morris became the Tucker Carlson hitman.  It all of it made me very uncomfortable and at times sick to my stomach.

Eric Bolling filled my time slot.  I like him.  The truth is, he is a better fit for attacking Fox and Tucker than I am, as Eric has an ax to grind with his old network.  In Eric, Newsmax found the attack dog it wanted.  Eric Bolling continues to go after Tucker Carlson regularly.  I think it’s a mistake.

When the Russian war with Ukraine broke out, Newsmax forced me to make the war the only topic we would cover.  For weeks, I was mandated to go wall to wall pro-Ukraine coverage.  It became ridiculous.  I knew our viewers, Stinchfield’s Army didn’t care enough about Ukraine to warrant the amount of coverage we were giving it.  Ratings started to dip.  It became clear to me that Ukraine, with its history of corruption, would soon be wasting and even stealing the billions of dollars in aid America was sending it.  Just as I don’t trust Russian President Vladimir Putin, I don’t trust Ukrainian President Zelensky either. So, I started to ask members of Congress about checks and balances.  Telling them we need to have an accounting of the money.  Newsmax executives told me, “You are out of line, that is not the Network position.”  To this day, I still don’t understand why Newsmax remains so Pro-Ukraine when it’s clear our Nation is spending far too much money to help Ukraine when our own nation is broke. Newsmax did not like me pointing out the fact that we are dealing with two corrupt countries, Russia and Ukraine.  It is a conflict of bad guys vs bad guys, not good vs evil as Newsmax desperately wanted me to portray the war.  Again, I gently refused to push that false narrative.  Again, frustrating Newsmax leadership.

Let me be clear, I will always be grateful to Newsmax and it’s CEO Chris Ruddy.  He is a brilliant businessman that I had editorial disagreements with.  He never stopped me from covering stories that backed up my beliefs that the China Virus threats were overblown and that there were real issues with the China Virus vaccines.  Newsmax allowed me to cover election integrity issues even when competitors tried to claim we were ignoring them.  He never mandated I get the vaccine as people tried to claim, in fact Chris Ruddy respected my decision not to get vaccinated.

I know Chris Ruddy didn’t like when I got brash with rude guests.  He didn’t like all the negative stories the mainstream media tried to blast me with.  But my message to him was always the same.  When the haters hate it means they fear you.  It means your message is a threat to them and their radical agenda.  I don’t ever need to be accepted by the mainstream media, in fact I will continue to expose them for the liars and cheats that they are.  Newsmax leadership longs for acceptance and legitimacy.  The reality is Newsmax is already legit, and it is already accepted by the only people that matter, those who love America.

In the end, I think it was my firm conviction to only say and cover what I believe in is what led to my cancelation at Newsmax.  So here is my promise, when I tell viewers how I feel, rest assured, I believe it to my core.  In the end, my word and my reputation is all I have.  You can hear mor details about my Newsmax Departure on Episode 1 of my podcast.  Stinchfield’s Army rolls once again!

Grant Stinchfield is the co-host of The Morning Answer on AM870 in LA. His new podcast “Stinchfield” can be found on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and Rumble.  You can subscribe at his website or find him @stinchfield1776 on most social media platforms.

Watch his first episode of the podcast (Why Newsmax Cancelled Me & How The FBI May be Spying on the Trump Team) here and below.

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