“I Could Get a Disease Tomorrow… I Could Drop Dead Tomorrow!” – Joe Biden When Asked About His Old Age (VIDEO)

Joe Biden said he could “get a disease tomorrow” and “drop dead tomorrow” when asked about his old age.

Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly accelerating as he approaches his 80th birthday.

Joe Biden will turn 80 on November 20.

His gait has stiffened and he can barely speak.

“I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine,” Biden said.

“Watch me. You know, am I slowing up? Am I don’t have the same pace? I’m a big believer in fate. I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow,” Biden said during a one-on-one interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

Biden then grabbed the MSNBC anchor and said of turning 80 next month, “I can’t even say the age I’m gonna be! I can’t even get it out of my mouth!”


Biden says “watch me, you know, am I slowing up?”

Roll the tape!

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