Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova NEW CAMPAIGN VIDEO Released! Please Contribute to Help Cara KNOCKOUT ONE PARTY RULE! She Needs YOUR HELP!

The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova released a new campaign video for her run for New York State Assembly and its AMAZING! We are exclusively releasing it first on The Gateway Pundit!


Contribute to Cara’s Campaign HERE on WIN RED! She needs our help so she can fight dangerous one-party rule!

Castronuova is the Republican and Conservative Candidate for District 22 in New York State. She is a former 2x Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and not afraid of a fight.

I need your help so we can win this race,” said Castronuova. “You have my word I will make you proud when I get into office. I will be YOUR VOICE and champion FREEDOM.”

Castronuova is known for her fearless advocacy for the January 6th Political Prisoners and her work here on The Gateway Pundit as an investigative journalist exposing the lies the mainstream media and Biden Regime have told about January 6th. Castronuova also appears as a Newsmax contributor every Saturday night at 10PM EST on “Wiseguys with John Tabacco”.

You can help & donate so Cara can send out more mailers like these to win her race!

Castronuova has helped The Gateway Pundit raise over 2 million dollars for the legal funds and families of the January 6th political prisoners that goes directly to their GiveSendGo accounts! Now she needs your help.

Click HERE to help Cara fight for our freedom and contribute to her campaign here on Win Red.

“Cara has been in this fight since day one,” said Newsmax host John Tabacco. “She literally stood in front of the Justice Department and FBI Headquarters way before they invaded Trump and Mar-a-Lago, on the back of a flatbed truck with a megaphone mid 2021 before anyone was calling out the FBI. She started Citizens Against Political Persecution at the beginning of 2021, she was the first one advocating fearlessly for the political prisoners, holding rallies, getting their stories out, raising tremendous amounts of money for them. Now we need to help Cara! Please contribute to her campaign so she can contine to fearlessly fight for us.

Castronuova and President Trump at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

Castronuova has been endorsed by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the police unions in her area. We reported on her successful fundraiser in August. See some fun footage of Castronuova and Giuliani at the fundraiser HERE.

Cara and Mayor Rudy Giuliani at her fundraiser this past August.

“There are 26 days left until the election,” said Castronuova. “Your contributions can truly help us win this race! I need one last fundraising push for more advertising so people can learn about me and the freedom I fight for. Funds will go directly to Advertising. We have to beat Democrats at their own game and get our message out there.”

She continued:

There is so much I want to do as an Assemblywoman. I will fight one party rule by using my platform to fearlessly call out Democrats and any bills they try to pass that are dangerous or anti-freedom. We will fight crime and keep dangerous violent criminals off the streets. Also, my opponent is part of the Assembly Health Committee that is trying to pass a psychotic bill that will allow minors to consent to ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE, including vaccinations and gender changing hormone therapies. This is actually a bill that they are waiting until after the election to try to pass! If they pass it here in New York,they will try to pass it elsewhere. That will NEVER happen if I have a say in it. I will also fight for vaccine choice here in New York. In New York children cannot go to school unless they take a large number of required vaccines. I will fight for choice and exemptions. I will also fight any type of vaccine mandates that have only recently led to many New Yorkers losing their jobs and having to carry a “vaccine passport”.

“There is nobody that will fight for people like I will,” said Castronuova. “I am not afraid to stand up for what’s right, to be a voice for the voiceless, to be unpopular if what I am doing is right.”

Please see another video of Castronuova here speaking at a giant rally against Vaccine Mandates earlier this year:

“Cara is heavily outspent by the George Soros Progressive Crowd and needs your help,” said Tabacco. “We need to contribute and do our part to get great Patriots like Cara into office. With your help she can do some final advertising on social media, YouTube and a final mailer campaign to defeat the Radical Democrat Socialists. This is a campaign that is winnable on a grassroots level. She needs your help.”

Castronuova has also pledged to expose and fight wasteful spending of tax dollars. “Many American are suffering from the ramifications of Inflation that is the result of the current leadership’s incompetency. We can offset this by putting tax dollars to better use to improve quality of life.”

Castronuova’s personal page was banned from Facebook for her advocacy work for the January 6th political prisoners and for speaking out against Vaccine Mandates last year. She says one of her priorities as a future politician is to fight against state censorship. “Facebook is taking initiatives and orders from the State on which individuals to ban or censor.  I will fight for your freedom of speech.”

Cara in March of 2020 at a protest she organized- the first ever rally to Re-Open New York State during the unconstitutional lockdowns.

Castronuova was also the head trainer on Season 11 of “The Biggest Loser”, helping the show reach record high ratings. She has been dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and started “Knockout Obesity Foundation” to help kids learn how to live a healthy life. Her programs incorporate Boxing, which she uses as an analogy to teach kids virtues like courage, fortitude and perseverance. “My goal was always to use boxing as a parallel to illustrate to kids how results come from hard work and sacrifice,” said Castronuova.

Watch the video below about Castronuova’s touching past work in teaching young kids “a fighter’s mentality”.

“WE CAN DO THIS,” said Castronuova. “This year there will be a Red Wave across the Nation! But I need your help so I can fight FOR YOU.”

Please help Castronuova and contribute to her Campaign HERE! Her opponent has the Democrat machine behind her. Castronuova’a goal is to raise $50,000 in the next few weeks so we can win her race!

Here are some suggested donations:


Please visit Castronuova’s websites at, and If you would like to volunteer please email [email protected].

Please follow Castronuova on Instagram, Twitter, and her campaign on Facebook.

Please contribute to help Cara send out more advertisements like these to voters!



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