Floridian Devastated By Hurricane Ian Has Praise For Governor DeSantis-Unloads on Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Floridan Joey Dunkersloot is a resident of Pine Island Florida in Lee County which was devastated by hurricane Ian.  Lee County had the highest death count by county, at least 50 perished from the hurricane.

For a time, the island’s bridge was destroyed, but in just three days the bridge was repaired so that emergency responders and the general public can reach the island.

In an emotional post on TikTok, Joey, who calls himself the unofficial Mayor of Pine Island, thanked Governor DeSantis for his leadership in the aftermath of the hurricane.  Joey also had some harsh words for Joe Biden.

“All you guys know me….Joey Dunkersloot…Ron DeSantis answered my prayers, came to Saint James City today, shook my hand, and he’s getting us all the food and everything we need. He was there.  He came for us.  He’s helping us. God bless him.  He’s going to be our next president. I should be on all the national news…but he came…he’s going to help us. We’ve got help coming now.  It’s coming. Thank you Governor DeSantis.  Thank you.”

Joey then unloaded on Joe Biden.

“F*** you Joe Biden. You piece of s***. You never even came you lousy mother******.”

In an interview on The National Report on Newsmax, Joey shared, “Well, after three days no help was coming. We were getting desperate.  We needed food, water and ice. Then we heard that the President came to Sanibel and to Fort Myers Beach. He did not come to Pine Island. Sanibel, I feel for the locals that live there…but Sanibel has a lot of winter residents and there’s…they live in mansions and now they are up north living in mansions. Fort Meyers Beach, I feel sorry for those people, the locals, because they don’t have much either.”

“But Pine Island, the President never came out here. We’ve got a lot of poor people out here.  They live in mobile homes that are crushed.  He gave us a fly-over, but that was it. We were a little upset over that.”

“But we got ahold of Ron DeSantis. He brought us all the supplies, ice, everything we needed.  He’s got the electrical companies out there getting power lines back up.”

Watch the video below ***language warning***

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