Disgusting. Politico Carries Water for Democrats Again, Outs Pro-Trump GOP Candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green As A Sexual Assault Survivor

Jennifer-Ruth Green is the Republican Candidate running for Indiana’s 1st District congressional house seat and a strong supporter of President Trump.

Following her father and grandfather’s commitment to military service, Green attended the United States Air Force Academy.  Upon graduation, she began her career in aviation ultimately deploying to Iraq as a mission commander for counterintelligence activities. After twelve years of full-time active service, Green transitioned to the Air Force Air Reserve Component and serves as the Chief Information Officer/Commander, 122d Communications Flight, Indiana Air National Guard.

Green became the first African-American, or Asian, woman selected to serve as Chief Information Officer/Commander in the history of the Fighter Wing.

In addition to her devotion to her country, Green has also committed her time and talent to her local Indiana community.  She is the founder of MissionAero Pipeline. According to their website, MAP, “We seek to transform lives, inspire careers and set students on a path of learning in the aerospace industry. City Outreach Foundation’s MissionAero Pipeline is unique and the first of its kind. It is a multi-year college and career preparation opportunity, which uses aviation, science, technology, engineering and math (or AeroSTEM) to professionalize young people for careers after graduation, but we have a specialized emphasis on missionary aviation. Missionary aviation uses aircraft to directly support church-planting and humanitarian efforts.”

Her website shares:

Jennifer-Ruth Green continues to serve her fellow citizens in the United States Air Force Air Reserve Component and is now running to represent her fellow Hoosiers in Congress.

A battle-proven leader, a trailblazer, and a selfless servant, Jennifer-Ruth Green is a candidate for Indiana’s First Congressional District. Her continued experience of over twenty years of military service and her non-profit work throughout Northwest Indiana has prepared her to fight on behalf of the Region in Washington, D.C.

Green’s career and background are impressive. She must absolutely terrify Democrats. Perhaps that fear is behind Politico’s despicable actions in a recent profile they wrote about her.

Despite asking Politico not to publish details of a sexual assault that occurred while serving our nation in Iraq, Politico chose to disregard the feelings and desires of an assault victim and published the details any way.

What kind of monsters use details of an assault to try to score political points? Disgusting!

The New York Posts reports:

An Iraq War veteran running for Congress in Indiana has accused her Democratic opponent and Politico of “illegally” revealing details of her sexual assault to paint her as a “failed military officer.”

Jennifer-Ruth Green, a Republican running against Rep. Frank Mrvan in Indiana’s 1st Congressional District, was profiled by reporter Adam Wren in a Friday article that revealed an Iraqi serviceman grabbed her breast and exposed himself after she left a group of officers to climb a guard tower during a visit to Iraq’s national training center.

We said, ‘No, please don’t [publish the assault] – and they did it anyway,” Green said of Politico and Wren during an interview with Fox News Digital. “At one point in my life I said to my assailant, ‘No, please stop, don’t’ and he did what he wanted to do. This is the exact same situation all over again, all because there was a man who wanted some sort of gratification.”

The assault happened while Green was assigned to a special investigations unit in Iraq working to neutralize terrorist and espionage threats, Politico wrote. An evaluation of the incident faulted Green for “wandering away” from the group, the report added, and the criticism hindered her ability to rise in the ranks.

Jennifer-Ruth Green responded to the story telling Politico:

I’m a survivor of sexual trauma in the military, and I am being forced to discuss it publicly for the first time because Congressman Mrvan or his supporters obtained — either illegally or by egregious error — military records describing my sexual assault as well as performance reviews, and peddled those records to the media with the intent smear me and my military career,” she wrote in a statement to POLITICO. “The performance review being pushed to discredit my leadership is false.” (Green has not contested the authenticity of the documents, which were obtained by a public records request and provided to POLITICO by a person outside the Mrvan campaign.)

“After reporting my assault against the advice of officials in my command, my career was intentionally derailed. I appealed the findings with the military and the issue is settled. I have unquestionably progressed as a military member, promoting to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and successfully completed a command tour,” Green wrote in her statement to POLITICO. “As I have always, I will move forward and succeed despite obstacles such as this thrown in my path.”

A Department of the Air Force spokesperson said: “We remain committed to building a culture of respect, where sexual assault and harassment are not tolerated in any form and we will do this by supporting victims and prosecuting offenders through the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Green spoke with Fox News about the disgusting attack.


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