Despite Failed Ballot Initiative Leftist Katie Hobbs Attempts To BLOCK Historic School Choice Expansion That Would Refund Families Who Pay For Private School Or Homeschooling

Despite a failed attempt by “Save Our Schools” to overturn a new school choice law, twice-convicted racist and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs nearly sided with the liberal activist group to stop Arizona’s historic school choice expansion that was signed into law by the Governor earlier this year.

Parental rights activist Christine Accurso tweeted on Monday that Save Our Schools failed to reach the 118,843 signature threshold to bring a ballot initiative that would overturn the expansion of the Empowerment Scholarship Account to all Arizona families. The leftist group only submitted 88,866 signatures.

Far-left Save Our Schools director Beth Lewis recently took to Twitter to claim that the parents and lawmakers who were trying to stop this awful ballot initiative are “Trumpers and MAGA Extremists.” She then falsely accused them of “harassing our volunteers, surrounding 80-year-old women,” and “calling businesses and lying.”

Radical leftists and Katie Hobbs did everything they could to disenfranchise over 10,000 parents and families.

The Gold Water institute reported,

ESAs, which the Goldwater Institute and the Center for Arizona Policy created in Arizona more than a decade ago, have been hugely successful in empowering parents to customize their child’s education experience to best meet their needs. The ESA program has gone from serving 100 students in 2011 to 11,000 earlier this year. Thanks to HB 2853, sponsored by Rep. Ben Toma, more than one million students will now be eligible.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, The Arizona Legislature passed a new law expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, giving every family in the state the freedom to choose their child’s school no matter which school they attend.

AZ Legislature Passes Universal School Choice Legislation, Expanding Empowerment Scholarship Account Eligibility to EVERY Family No Matter What School They Attend

The new law will put students and parents first by funding the student instead of locking them into the failing public school system.

According to Goldwater Institute, “families who participate would receive over $6,500 per year per child for private school, homeschooling, “learning pods,” tutoring, or any other kinds of educational service that would best fit their students’ needs outside the traditional public school system.”

This will give more parents the ability to afford private schooling for their students by lessening the burden of paying for private school.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the SICK and perverted agenda of Arizona’s public schools. Why would anybody want to send their kids to one of these failed institutions?

SICK! AZ Superintendent Of Public Instruction Democrat Kathy Hoffman Sued for Directing Minors To Hyper-Sexualized Chat Rooms And Grooming Students

But Katie Hobbs and liberal Democrats don’t want low-income, middle-class, and minority students to attend private schools. Afterall, Katie Hobbs discriminates against black people.

This is just like the segregation of the 1900s, led by Democrats and stopped by Republicans.

Concerned parent and activist Christine Accurso told The Gateway Pundit at a press conference last weekend, “At the ceremonial signing, Pastor Drew Anderson — he’s African-American — actually said, ’50 years ago they stood at the door and said you’re not allowed in our schools when we had the segregation.’ 50 years later, here we stand, and he says, ‘now they won’t let our kids out.'”

Even the Wall Street Journal disagrees with Hobbs’s decision to block the historic legislation. WSJ reported,

An antichoice group, Save Our Schools Arizona, said last week it had turned in 141,714 signatures. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs—a school-choice foe and the Democratic nominee for governor—halted the processing of school-choice scholarship applications and started verifying the petitions.

Now it’s up to Ms. Hobbs to unfreeze the program. She has 20 business days to do so, and her education platform promises “to oppose the universal expansion of school vouchers,” but dragging her feet would be politically unwise, not to mention wrong.

Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake and elected officials in Arizona called on Katie Hobbs to “do the right thing” and remove the hold on this legislation immediately following this news.

Because of this delay, parents were unable to be reimbursed for any school supplies that were purchased before the ESAs were granted.

In a tweet thread, Katie Hobbs actually blamed elected officials, saying they were “intentionally misrepresenting this process to parents to create confusion and deliberately sow discord.” She also claimed they were still counting even though the number of signatures clearly fell far short of the necessary threshold.

Parents kept up the fight, however, and demanded that she “call it already.”

It was not until pressure from parents and voters, the media, and the Governor of Arizona that Katie Hobbs finally decided to allow this law to take effect in the Grand Canyon State on Friday — one week after the signatures were delivered.

Christine Accurso shared the news yesterday that universal ESA’s are now the law of Arizona, but only after Hobbs caved into public pressure on her failing gubernatorial campaign.

All Arizona parents can apply HERE.

Voters need to remember this in November. If Katie Hobbs gets her way, school choice will be abolished.

The Democrats are only pro-choice when it comes to killing children, but not when it comes to educating them, masking them, or vaccinating them.

Watch last week’s parent-led victory press conference below:

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