“Democrats Run on Division, Hatred, Anger, Fear” – Charles Payne from FOX Business on the Democrats’ Response to the Horrible Economy

Charles Payne, host on FOX Business, was on FOX News today and he went off on a lefty calling Republicans nazis.

Liberal talking heads have no response to the horrible economic results of the Biden regime.  Inflation is at a 40-year high.  The economy is a mess.

Payne went on to share:

How do you have confidence in your government who keeps telling you to shut up… this is the only thing Democrats run on division, hatred, anger, fear.

FOX News reported on this segment and Payne’s remarks:

Fox Business host Charles Payne on Monday scolded MSNBC political analyst Matthew Dowd for likening Republicans to Nazi Germany leadership, calling the comparison “despicable.”

Payne rebuked Dowd during an appearance on “America Reports,” where he joined Fox News host Sandra Smith to discuss Democrats’ effort to downplay inflation concerns as polling shows voters favor Republicans on economic issues.

Smith pointed to a montage of left-wing media pundits dismissing inflation concerns with melodramatic rhetoric, which included a recent appearance from Dowd on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.”  In the segment, the failed Democrat candidate argued that the GOP focus on economic issues and inflation is reminiscent of a “candidate” and “a party” that campaigned on the same issues in Germany in the 1930s. Adolph Hitler ran for president in 1932 before he was appointed chancellor of Germany the following year after a series of electoral victories by the Nazi Party.

“That last soundbite was the most despicable piece of garbage you could imagine,” an outraged Payne said. “This whole Naziism bull has got to stop.”

“I don’t know who the hell that was,” he added. “But that person is a despicable piece of you know what to put that out there.”

Left-leaning media figures have increasingly compared Republicans and Trump supporters to Nazis over the past several years.

In June, former Trump official turned anti-Trump activist Miles Taylor drew comparisons between President Trump and Republicans today to “the rise of Hitler” on the same MSNBC show.

Democratic adviser Kurt Bardella also likened modern-day Republicans to the leadership of Nazi Germany in an August MSNBC appearance.

Payne went on to say:

This nazi stuff has got to go.  This guy’s dispicable whoever said that.

Well put Charles.  Well put. 


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