DEFUND PBS: AZ State Legislators And Kari Lake to Enact Legislation to “Sever All Ties And Support” After PBS Betrays Arizona Clean Elections Commission

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake recently said that Arizona should look into defunding leftist Arizona PBS, saying they “appear to be an arm of the Democratic Party.”

Lake later said on Twitter that she “can’t wait” to sign legislation that would sever all ties with the far-left organization.

Lake held a huge press conference on Wednesday outside the Arizona PBS Studio in response to their defiance and betrayal of Kari Lake, the Clean Elections Commission, and Arizona voters.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona PBS is running cover for the Democrats in defiance of the Clean Elections Commission and Arizona voters by allowing Democrat Katie Hobbs’ debate dodge and offering Hobbs a 30-minute interview in place of the scheduled debate.

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We previously reported that the Arizona Clean Elections Commission rejected Democrat Katie Hobbs’ proposal to change the gubernatorial debate into a forum with separate interviews for Katie Hobbs and Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

In response, The Clean Elections Commission declared that they would cut ties with PBS and postpone Wednesday’s Q&A forum until they can decide on a new partner, date, and venue for the debate.

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During her recent presser, Lake was asked by a journalist if she would push the Legislature to divest public funding from Arizona PBS.

Arcand: It is true that Arizona PBS does receive some public funding. Would you push the State Legislature or the Board of Regents to divest funding from PBS if you are elected Governor?

Lake: Well, seeing as how they appear to be an arm of the Democratic Party, I think we need to look at it. This is not bi-partisan. This is biased. This is absolutely biased. Katie Hobbs and her refusal to appear on a debate stage with me pretty much should have shut down her ability to even make it on the air at this station, but yet they are so obviously in the tank for her that they’re giving her an opportunity to appear on this stage. It’s wrong, and we should look at that. We should.

PBS is also housed in and partnered with Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism, where students learn the art of Fake News Media.

Inside the “Journalism” school at ASU, they only show leftist CNN on their projector screen for students to watch every single day, according to students. ASU and PBS are both arms of the Democratic Party.

Photo from inside ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

After Lake said that she was willing to Defund PBS, Arizona State Representative John Kavanagh announced that he will sponsor legislation to “sever all ties and support” for Arizona PBS with the following news release.

Kari Lake responded on Twitter, stating that she is ready to sign his bill into law.

Trump-Endorsed State Senator Wendy Rogers also vowed to cosponsor this legislation with Kavanagh.

Defund the Fake News Media!

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