CNN Contributor And Former DC Police Officer Michael Fanone Exposed For Being Involved In Race-Related Lawsuit

Michael Fanone, the former DC Police Officer at the Capitol on Jan 6th, was once involved in a race-related lawsuit involving the legal counsel for Howard University Michael Maddox.

Fanone and his partner confronted Maddox, pushed him against a dumpster, and conducted a search on him.

When Maddox asked what was wrong Fanone responded by saying it was a “high crime area.”

Maddox was paid $175,000 by the city in a settlement.

This was written by Julie Kelly at American Greatness.

American Greatness reported:

And for good reason. In 2014, the District of Columbia settled a lawsuit filed against two D.C. Metro police officers for violating the civil rights of Maddox, a black attorney working at the time in the legal department at Howard University. The city paid Maddox $175,000 in damages.

One of the officers named in the lawsuit was Michael Fanone.

On the afternoon of October 8, 2009, Maddox was standing on the corner of 5th and K Streets looking at his BlackBerry when Fanone and his partner, Officer Samuel Modin, confronted him. “Maddox sensed the presence of two individuals assuming aggressive positions when he was suddenly and without warning cornered and seized by—Modin while Defendant Officer Michael Fanone blocked Maddox’s only other means of escape,” Maddox’s lawyers wrote in a 2010 complaint. Modin shoved Maddox, an Air Force veteran, against a garbage dumpster.

When Maddox asked Fanone what the problem was, Fanone responded that it was a “high crime area.”

The left is outraged at Julie Kelly for writing about Fanone.

Fanone is now a contributor with CNN.

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