BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind This Week’s “We Build the Wall” Case in New York – An Obama Judge Suppresses Evidence That Exonerates Defendant

In early June we learned that the New York case against We Build the Wall had ended in a hung jury.  So the corrupt actors in New York, who don’t give a damn about the Southern Border, decided to redo their political trial. 

TGP reported on the hung jury earlier this year when one man had the courage to stand up to the rest of his jurors and say “no” this man (We Build the Wall’s Colorado Businessman Timothy Shea) is not guilty of any crimes.  The judge doxed the juror in the process but the juror held his ground and the bogus political hit job ended in a hung jury.

This week in New York the second trial against Tim Shea is taking place.  CBS reported on the case hours ago from its left-leaning political perspective.  Note the language used to label Shea and his team criminals pretending that the corrupt SDNY is some virtuous entity.

The jury in Manhattan federal court began deliberating the fate of Timothy Shea on Thursday after hearing closing arguments in a retrial that’s not even a week old. It resumes its work Friday morning after failing to immediately reach a conclusion.

A trial in the spring ended in a mistrial when the jury deadlocked after 11 jurors said the remaining juror had accused them of being politically biased and thought the trial should have been held in a southern state.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Bracewell told jurors in her closing that fraud was in the game plan as soon as Shea and three others, including ex-President Donald Trump’s onetime adviser Steve Bannon, thought of creating the fundraising plan in late 2018.

She said Shea “and his partners in crime” created a powerful and compelling fundraising message by assuring donors that every cent donated would be used to build portions of a wall.

This nasty diatribe by a far-left zealot reporter and the prosecutor says much, but it doesn’t say it all.

A significant event happened before the trial.  Obama Judge Analisa Torres wouldn’t allow documents that were included in the previous trial to be shared.  These documents exonerate Shae of any wrongdoing.  The judge also didn’t allow certain witnesses who could corroborate the work that Tim did.

In September, Obama Judge Torres made a decision to prevent information that would exonerate Shae from being presented in this trial, as well as other requests, like moving the case to Colorado and out of the New York swamp.

On September 19, 2022, Judge Torres denied all of Shea’s motions: “Defendant, Timothy Shea, moves1 for an order (1) transferring the venue of this action to the District of Colorado, ECF No. 267; (2) suppressing certain evidence produced by the Government on August 19, 2022, or, in the alternative, granting a trial continuance, ECF No. 269; (3) disqualifying Assistant United States Attorney (“AUSA”) Robert Sobelman from participating in Shea’s retrial, which is scheduled to commence on October 24, 2022, ECF No. 271; and (4) adjourning trial because of a scheduling conflict created by defense counsel, ECF No. 281… Shea’s motions are DENIED.”

[The actions by Judge Torres add support to the belief that all Obama judges should be removed from the bench due to their political motives and lack of desire for justice.]

The prosecution claims that Shea and others related to We Build the Wall used the entity to funnel money.  But this is not the case.  The Sheas (Tim Shea and his wife Amanda) received more than $400,000 in 1099 income in the two years leading up to We Build the Wall from another related source.  This was the total from around 48 transactions with Freedom Daily, signed off on by a fellow We Build the Wall partner, all before the We Build the Wall entity was formed.  This was withheld from the jury by Judge Torres.

[I have seen the 1099s and support for the transactions].

WE BUILD THE WALL wasn’t an entity to take money from, the participants all made money before the idea came to fruition.  

Judge Torres continually insisted that this was not a political case yet Judge Torres asked the jurors where they got their news from and everyone who said New York Times was not kicked off the jury.

During the trial, the prosecutors literally took a screenshot of Amanda (Tim’s wife), cropped out the background, and put a solid gray background behind her to make it look like a mugshot in an effort to imply that she was arrested as well.  

In addition, during the trial, the prosecutors from the SDNY referred to “chunks of wall” and said that this was code for “cash”, not actual pieces of wall.  The We Build the Wall team claims they were selling unused actual chunks of steel bollard for $200 each.  The profit on these steel pieces helped pay for the expenses of the members of the entity.

We’ll see what happens this time.  We Build the Wall team member Tim Shea is facing severe headwinds from the Obama Judge and far-left biased prosecutors not seeking justice.  It’s up to the jury now.

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