BREAKING: Elon Musk Tweets that Twitter Board and Law Firm Deliberately Hid Evidence from the Court – In Emails Featuring Yoel Roth

It looks like Twitter’s Board and Law firm may be in very big trouble. 

Elon Musk tweeted that the Twitter Board and the law firm that worked for Twitter, Wachtell, may have withheld information from him and the court. 

This is big news for Twitter and its law firm if it is true.

As we reported previously:

Former Twitter Security Chief to Congress: Twitter Leadership Is “Misleading” Public” and Can Track Any User’s Location at Any Time (VIDEO)

Not only might the Twitter Board and Attorney be in trouble for lying with the court, but the these entities would be in trouble with the SEC as well for filing false statements as we reported earlier as well.

The Gateway Pundit has written about far left hack Yoel Roth in the past.

Yoel Roth was the the one to block the Hunter Biden Laptop story before the 2020 election and called Trump officials “actual Nazis.”

The guy is bad news and may have participated in illegal acts.

From our May 2022 post — Thanks to Citizen Wells.

Twitter on Thursday announced it will put warning labels on tweets that contain so-called ‘misinformation’ in a time of war, natural disasters or pandemics.

Yoel Roth, the woke, far-left hack behind the new policy to suppress conservatives, has a history of attacking Trump and he even blocked the Hunter Biden laptop story in an effort to influence the 2020 election.

The Free Beacon reported:

Twitter’s pick to stop the spread of misinformation in times of crisis has a history of pushing falsehoods.

Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s safety and integrity unit, unveiled the site’s “crisis misinformation policy” on Thursday. In a blog post, Roth outlined how Twitter will place warning labels on tweets deemed to contain misinformation and prevent them from being “amplified or recommended” in times of armed conflict, natural disasters, or public health emergencies.

Roth is a questionable pick to launch the policy, given his own track record with misinformation. Roth oversaw Twitter’s decision to block the sharing of an October 2020 New York Post report on emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Roth told the Federal Election Commission he made the decision based on “rumors” shared by the United States government’s intelligence community that the Russian government might release materials hacked from Hunter Biden.

Roth previously ‘fact-checked’ one of President Trump’s tweets with fake news.

Yoel Roth previously said there are “actual Nazis” in the Trump White House:

Here’s more tweets from Yoel Roth…

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