An Analysis of the FIRST Police Conference Regarding the Paul Pelosi and David Depape Incident at the Pelosi Home (VIDEO)

There have been many rumors about what happened on early Friday morning at the Pelosi home in San Francisco.  Let’s take another look at the first San Francisco Police press conference from yesterday.  What did they really say?

The San Francisco Police Department held a press conference (video below) yesterday regarding the events at the Pelosi house earlier that morning.

The San Francisco police gave the following information in their press conference:

  • The San Francisco police state that the reason they went to the Pelosi home was due to an “A priority well being check”.  Note that they didn’t say because of a reported break in at this time.  We also have no idea if there was a call made from the house either.  We have no idea if there was a call at this time.  (Note that a second press conference shares the story that a police dispatcher interpreted a call and that is why the police were there.   They claim at that time that Paul Pelosi made the call.  It would be good if they released the taped conversation of the call. )
  • When the police arrived they encountered a suspect and Paul Pelosi both holding a hammer.  The suspect pulled the hammer away from Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it.  This really makes no sense. Why would they both be holding a hammer?  The suspect was half his age.  Why would the police watch and not intervene faster?  Did they not have the ability to intervene up to this point?  It would be good to see police cameras of this incident.  
  • The police then took down the suspect and rendered him with medical aid.  Note that there is no description for what medical aid they rendered to the suspect, who they then identified as David Depape.  Why would Depape require aid if he used the hammer on Pelosi?
  • Mr. Pelosi and Mr. Depape were both transported to a local hospital for treatment. Their injuries were not provided.  They must have been severe enough for both to go to the hospital.  
  • The San Francisco police are working with the FBI, the US Attorney’s Office, the Capitol Police and the District Attorney in San Francisco County.  This gives most Americans no comfort that we’ll get to the truth.  The Las Vegas shooting, the Mueller sham, the 2020 Election steal, the Jan 6 setup, Epstein’s murder, etc… the list goes on and on why these corrupt entities cannot be trusted.  Below is the announcement from the US Capitol Police.

  • The motive was still being determined.
  • Depape is being charged with attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, burglary and several other additional felonies.  The charge for elderly abuse was addressed by Greg Kelly last night.  He notes that elderly abuse appears to apply to individuals who have a relationship.  The burglary charge was out of the blue because there was no mention in the presser that the man had broken into the house or that he was stealing anything. 
  • No questions were answered at this time.




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