3 for 1 Fact-Check: Joe Biden Misrepresents Beau Biden’s Job as AG, Trans Women in Female Sports, and Calls for “Gender Affirming Care Bans”

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported on a discussion that Joe Biden hosted with six transgender activists at the White House in coordination with Now This.  Dylan Mulvaney, who is on day 221 of his transition from a man to a transwoman, asked Joe Biden:

“Do you think states should have a right to ban gender-affirming healthcare?”

Joe Biden, who never seems to miss an opportunity to politicize his late son Beau Biden, goes back to an already-fact-checked statement he made in October of 2020 and doubles down that his son “passed the broadest piece of legislation that he, as attorney general, was able to convince the legislature, the governor to sign.”  At least this time he caught himself, kind of.  But that’s not the fact check:

He then goes on to say that the bill dealt with “all gender-affirming capability” when in fact, the bill (Delaware SB97) had nothing to do with gender-affirming care or capability, but rather with equal rights, which all Americans should agree with even if they don’t agree with transgenderism.

The last of three fact-checks in this short “discussion” involves the overall topic:  gender-affirming care bans.  The host opens up by saying:

There have been many anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced and enacted, outlawing things like gender-affirming healthcare and banning kids from playing sports.

The first statement is mostly false.  The only state that has introduced any gender-affirming care ban beyond minors is North Carolina, which extends the proposed ban to 21 and under, which they defined as a “minor”.  No other state has proposed any ban on gender-affirming care for adults.

The second statement is entirely false.  No one has been banned kids from playing sports.  They are, however, required to play sports against their biological sex in the enacted regulations in at least seven states.  As The Gateway Pundit reported last week, a North Carolina high school has opted to forfeit future girls volleyball matches against a local team with a transwoman on their team.  This decision was the result of a biological female being injured by a physically superior transwoman:



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