18 Questions for Ronna McDaniel and the RNC as the 2022 Midterm Quickly Approaches

In early 2021 the RNC tasked 30 members for election suggestions to help the RNC compete. Election integrity experts like Seh Keshel, Professor Clements, Jeff O’Donnell, Joe Hoft, Pat Colbeck, Verity Vote, or Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, were not invited. Their “Committee on Election Integrity” report was released in August 2021. Most suggestions have not been deployed by the RNC.

Here are several additional questions by The Gateway Pundit to the RNC and Chair Ronna McDaniel as the midterm approaches.  Republican voters deserve action from their leaders.

Hat Tip to Pat Colbeck and Verity Vote and several experts for their feedback in developing this list.

1 – Centralized Incident Reporting:

Why has the RNC not built an app or document process that allows election workers to submit Incident Reports to a centralized location ? The RNC CEI report recommends this be built, but it wasn’t. Some are using Missouri PDF checklists, or using an app, or a phone, but most have nothing. It’s a convoluted mess. Costs are $2-$300k to build a necessary app. 


2 – ERIC Alternative:

Why has the RNC not funded an alternative solution to ERIC that really does clean voter rolls? The TX group Omega4America has made great strides with their Fractal Voter Registry. It detects anomalies before an election, can notify when anomalies get added, and much more. They needed $2mil. 


3 – Establish “Standing”:

Where is the RNC litigation to establish “standing” for those with election issues? The RNC CEI report suggests standing be established just for state legislatures and political parties. Historically, these two groups are the least likely to file over election issues. The RNC should demand standing for non-profits, voters, and candidates. These are the most likely to bring, or intervene in litigation related to election issues. 


4 – Total Ballots Cast/Collected:

Where is the RNC litigation that mandates State and County election officials report the total number of ballots in their possession on election night? The old term “Total Ballots Cast” was applicable when everyone voted in person, on election day. It should probably now be called “Total Ballots Collected” or similar. Knowing this total on election night can prevent late ballots from being added. Elections now only report the ballots counted, then update this each day after the election. 


5 – Voter Roll Aggression:

Where is the RNC’s aggressive fight and litigation to clean up voter rolls? There is no visible offense by the RNC here. The only movement is from the Public Interest Legal Foundation who file a few lawsuits each year. This issue needs a grenade, not ticky tack lawsuits over 73 dead people. Many feel this matter should be pushed to the Supreme Court once and for all. 


6 – Academia Resources:

Why is the RNC not utilizing Universities for election insight? The left has long standing relationships with powerful election departments at MIT, Stanford, Harvard, CalTech, Princeton, and more. Look at the partners involved with just MIT – CTCL, CEIR, David Becker, Democracy Works, etc. The RNC should not surrender this academic election industry to the left. Those that receive State funding must cooperate. 

7 – Consolidate All Data:

Elections have become an industry of “Big Data”. Why is the RNC not working like crazy to consolidate all data from conservative candidates, our non-profits, election integrity groups, and so on. If Ronna McDaniel says they are doing this, she is lying. The major players on the left including NGP Van, Catalist, and the DNC all agree they would be more powerful if their data was combined.  


8 – Election Observation:

What is the RNC doing to protect Republican election workers from the infringement of their rights during elections? Where is the fight to allow up close observation, access to more rooms, and more insight. Jurisdictions continue to reduce supervision, access, and interaction. The lack of RNC offense on this issue has emboldened jurisdictions to restrict further. County GOP offices accept these changes with no pushback. 


9 – Data Driven Ground Game:

The RNC said it made multi-million-dollar investments into its permanent, data-driven ground game for this election. What exactly does this mean? Can Ronna explain some of the technology and the vendors they are using? The RNC only shares accomplishments rolled up as totals – 78 million contacts, 17 field offices, and so on. Rarely are any details provided. 


10 – Automatically Register Citizens:

Why are there no RNC lawsuits that fight against automatic voter registration of citizens, or curtail 3rd party’s from registering voters? Lawsuits targeting online voter registration should also test the merits of these systems in key counties. Inflated voter registration is a major factor to the lefts success. But the RNC has shown no offense to disrupt this. The RNC CEI report suggests they make offensive moves using litigation. 


11 – Signature Validation:

Why is the RNC not pushing lawsuits over signature validation and the testing of that technology to insure it is accurate. The adjustment of settings and values during elections, to raise and lower signature acceptance, should not be tolerated. Almost everything is tested except for the signature validation process. The RNC could establish the standard, with the help of the courts, on how validation must be conducted. 


12 – GIS Election Tools:
Why has the RNC not deployed GIS mapping technology that is filled with election data, census data, and other?  This would provide great insight for each state party. Vetted election integrity groups should have access to this too. This technology is widely used by the left to target voters. Emails showed Milwaukee was complicit in building an offsite GIS system for the National Vote at Home Institute and CTCL.  


13 – No USPS Relationship:

Why is the RNC not working directly with USPS’s development of ballot supply chain data?  For nearly 15 years USPS worked exclusively with left wing groups, building what the left needs. The RNC was unaware USPS secretly tested a mobile voting system, with leftist partners. USPS now has a “mail key code” system where every voter gets an access code to check their mail ballot status online. This data stream on nationwide mail ballot movement should be shut down. The RNC needs a seat at the table with USPS at all times. 

14 – Cast Vote Records:

Where is the RNC lawsuit to ensure Cast Vote Records provide maximum details, and are a mandated feature of election equipment. ES&S has indicated they will be removing this CVR reports from machines, or reducing the data included. CVR reports help voter integrity groups find machine-based election fraud.


15 – Risk Limiting Audits:

Where is the RNC legal challenge to stop the use of Risk Limiting Audits?  They are a concoction from the left out of UC Berkley in 2012. The massive marketing efforts and rapid adoption of RLA’s by activist election jurisdiction was the tell. They do not find the fraud typically used in elections. They do allow jurisdiction a quick rubber stamp to say “we completed an audit, the election was fine”. Oddly, the CEI report recommends using RLA’s. Either no one has done due dilligence, or this is Deep State at its finest. .


16 – Mis & Dis Information:

The EAC and CISA created a process when someone reports “Misinformation” about elections. This triggers Stanford, Twitter, Facebook, the FBI and others to act. The intention is to shut down any negative speech about elections. Why does the RNC  have no answer to this, and not willing to fight for free speech. The RNC doesn’t even offer “Report Election Fraud” hotlines or incident forms on any RNC websites?


17 – Monitoring Tally Roll-Ups:

Is the RNC monitoring state election operations centers that aggregate the vote totals? The Precinct tallies rollup to the County, and those tallies rollup to state. Historically, nobody monitors when the totals are received or transmitted, how they were received or transmitted, or by who. In 2020 there vote differences between the county and precinct rollups. 


18 – No Seth Keshel, Lone Raccoon, Professor Clements….

Of the 30 members on the RNC CEI committee, not one is Trump supporter. They are State RNC chairs and active politicians. Mark Kahrs was the chair of the “Voting Systems Technology” subcommittee, an attorney and politician. Why were no election integrity experts offered a seat? No Seth Keshel involvement, or Professor Clements, International auditor and executive Joe Hoft, Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Jeff O’Donnell, and so on. None like this were invited to participate. 


Can RNC Compete:

Capital Research Group explains the McCain-Feingold law changed the game. It moved power from political parties into the hands of non-profits. The funding for non-profits is now a 4:1 ratio over PACs and political parties. The right never built a non-profit network with hierarchy and leadership. But the left built the Arabella Advisors network over the last 20 years. It now has 300+ non-profits and a $2.0bil annual budget. Each year this network grows stronger, while the DNC is more irrelevant.

Each Arabella non-profit has targeted roles with many very specialized ones. They even have a non-profit that manages the network’s office space across the country. Yet Republicans don’t even have a central entity that does records requests. The RNC can’t be expected to compete against this network. Elections have become sophisticated “Big Data” enterprises involving numerous facets. It’s time for conservatives to build out their own network of strategic non-profits. It would be a glorious change for patriots, those with specialized skills, and a passion to win.


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