WATCH: Illegal Immigrants Jump Over Southern Border Fence Dressed In Camoflauge Near Tucson Arizona – OVER A DOZEN In 45 Minuites

New video footage from the southern US border near Tucson, Arizona, shows dozens of illegal immigrants scaling the border wall while dressed in camouflage and running into hiding.

Some were military-aged men who we know nothing about. This is a modern-day Trojan Horse filled with criminals and terrorists from around the world.

According to Bill Melugin of Fox News, “None of them were caught, making them ‘gotaways.'”

Melugin shared the following video from a trip to the border in Arizona.

Melugin: In just a 45 minute span in Naco, AZ, our team saw over a dozen illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage use a rope to scale the border wall, then run into AZ. None were caught, making them “gotaways”. There have been over 500,000 gotaways so far this year.

Fox reported,

The illegal border crossings happened just days after Vice President Kamala Harris claimed the nation’s borders were “secure.”

The video is only the latest incident of illegal immigration impacting Arizona and other border states.

However, messaging from the White House continues to brush off concern about the onslaught of migrants, claiming that the crisis is not out of hand.

Kamala Harris insisted that the border is secure and doubled down on her outlandish claims in a recent interview.

The border is not secure, and these criminals are bringing drugs and crime into our country at the hands of the Biden/Harris Regime. Over 4.9 million illegals entered the United States during Joe Biden’s first 18 months in office through the wide-open southern border.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Kari Lake’s bold border policies and her courage in calling out the criminal illegal aliens that are destroying our country. Lake recently told a massive crowd, “They ARE bringing drugs, they ARE bringing crime, and they ARE rapists, and that’s who’s coming across our border. That’s a fact.”

We reported on Monday that a 13-year-old middle-school student was arrested after being caught with 150 fentanyl pills and causing a staff member who searched him to overdose from exposure.

Arizona must vote for Kari Lake in November to end the State’s southern border crisis.

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