War Hawk Nikki Haley Praises Joe Biden’s UN Speech, But Says She Wishes He Also Called Out Iran

War hawk Nikki Haley had some words of praise for Joe Biden’s UN speech condemning Russia on Wednesday.

Haley, who has implied that she wants to run for president, made the comments during an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner.

“Did President Biden say anything to dissuade [Russian President Vladimir] Putin from going nuclear and going further into killer mode?” Faulkner asked.

Haley replied that he had “came out strongly” and “called them out for the comments that they’re saying. He called them out for the actions they’ve taken against Ukraine.”

“It was strong words. Now he’s got to follow it with strong actions,” she continued. “We don’t need to send blank checks to Ukraine. You need to make sure they have the ability to defend themselves.”

Haley’s biggest complaint with Biden’s speech was that he did not attack Iran or China.

“What he didn’t do, which I wish he would have gone further, is call out the countries that are helping Russia,” Haley said, citing Iran, China and North Korea sending weapons to Russia.

“Why do you think he didn’t?” Faulkner replied. “Has he mentioned Iran yet? Took him a while.”

“He wanted to be strong on Russia and did that,” Haley said, adding that “in the United Nations setting the best thing to do is call out everybody that’s doing anything that is helping the bully, that’s helping the dictator.”

Faulkner added, “We’re talking about a mad man who tried to take a country.”

“You can’t go too hard. It is words but powerful ones if you use them directly.”

“None of this would have happened had we not had the debacle in Afghanistan,” Haley said. “None of these threats around the world would have happened. But when you go and you show weakness, the enemy sees an opportunity.”

Haley also slammed Biden for “falling all over himself to get into the Iran deal.”



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