Violent Child Rapist and Murderer Now a Featured Trans-Feminist, LGBTQ Prison Activist

A violent child rapist and murderer is now a featured trans-feminist and LGBTQ prison activist.

Patricia Elaine Trimble is now a published contributor to several women’s magazines.

Trimble violently raped two 9-year-old girls. He later murdered a cellmate he was raping and pimping out in prison.

Warning: This is a really gruesome report. reported:

A trans-identified male who raped two 9-year-old girls before torturing and murdering his developmentally disabled cellmate has been “offering” his “expertise” to policymakers on the issue of transgender inmate rights.

On June 3, Patricia Elaine Trimble, penned an article for the Prison Journalism Project (PJP), a non-profit organization that claims its aim is to empower “incarcerated journalists” by providing them a platform. Trimble, a regular contributor for PJP, wrote about preparing a presentation for a class at a Missouri University after having been contacted by a Professor of Criminology there.

“It is not unusual for me to be asked to write an article or story about things in my wheelhouse. I am, after all, a transgender woman, feminist, activist and advocate for the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community,” wrote Trimble, adding that one of his papers on discrimination against Queer inmates was published by the LGBTQ Policy Journal at Harvard University in 2019. That same year, Trimble was sympathetically profiled by Vice in an article on being incarcerated while transgender.

While Trimble has been featured in multiple recent news articles, and has written plenty of his own work, there is often no mention of why he is in prison to begin with.

Born Patrick, Trimble was convicted in 1978 of the brutal rape of two 9-year-old girls in the city of St. Charles, Missouri. Trimble came upon the two girls playing near a marshy area, and earned their trust by helping them retrieve a rope they had been trying to grab out of a tree to play with. Initially acting friendly towards the girls, he then showed them some “tricks” with the rope, ultimately using his control of the cord to tie it around each girl’s wrist under the pretense of showing them a knot, and using the leverage to drag them to his car. The girls were then taken to a remote, wooded area where Trimble proceeded to orally and vaginally rape them.

But while in prison awaiting the final verdict on his case, Trimble would commit another heinous crime, making what the court would later describe as a “slave” out of his developmentally disabled cellmate before murdering him.

Jerry James Everett was in jail awaiting trial for stealing a van. After being placed with Trimble, Everett was subjected to routine “physical and sexual humiliation” and torture.

According to a court document, Trimble “… forced the victim to have both oral and anal intercourse with him, compelled him to wear a “bra” around the jail for the entertainment of the other inmates, and forced him at one point to display to the other inmates a rag that had been stuffed into his anus.” Trimble prostituted Everett to other inmates, and even offered to sell him to a member of the prison staff for a carton of cigarettes. Trimble also tortured Everett, making deep gashes in his flesh using burnt shampoo bottles.

The court noted that Everett was significantly smaller than Trimble, standing 5’10 and weighing 145lbs, while Trimble was 6’1 and weighed 210lbs.

A few weeks after beginning the sadistic abuse, Trimble advised other inmates he was planning on murdering Everett to prevent him from ever informing anyone outside of the prison of what had happened. He also stated that he was worried about being sent to prison if convicted solely of raping the two young girls, and wanted to “catch something much bigger” by committing a murder.

On November 12, Trimble forced Everett to pen a suicide note, and strangled him to death using towels.

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