Toronto News Anchor Swallows a Fly and Continues to Read the News (VIDEO)

Toronto news anchor Farah Nasser swallowed a fly while reporting on the floods in Pakistan.

The anchor made a face and swallowed the bug before continuing her report.

Nasser was in the midst of a report about the flooding in Pakistan when the pest interupted.

“Eight weeks of nonstop torrential rain. A national emergency has been in–,” said Nasser, before stopping briefly to swallow the fly, she continued, “has been invoked but the weather in Pakistan, extreme weather, is alarming…”

Nasser was a good sport about the situation, tweeting the video and writing, “sharing because we all need a laugh these days. Turns out it’s not just @fordnation, I swallowed a fly on air today.”

The reporter added that it was “very much a first world problem given the story I’m introducing.”

The bug mishap comes just weeks after Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live press conference on August 13, which Nasser had referred to in her tweet.

Ford was speaking about privatizing healthcare in Dundalk, Ontario, when a bee flew straight into his mouth.

“Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee!,” Ford said, while coughing and reaching into his mouth

Ford quickly joked about the situation saying, “I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate.”

“This is going to be replayed over and over again,” Ford continued to joke about the certain oncoming buzz over the incident.


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